Improving Home With Feng Shui

Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese aesthetic system that uses the laws of geography and astronomy to improve a person’s life through receiving positive energy. In Feng Shui terminologies, energy is referred as qi or Chi. Qi means air, or gas that rides with the wind and gets entrapped by water. It is believed that the Chi can improve a particular aspect of a person’s life by activating it through elements and locations favorable to the Chi. The concept of Feng Shui has in existence since time immemorial, which has been passed on from generations to generations. Many environmental scholars have found this practice to be true in many cases; thus integrated it in some traditional practices to promote good life.



Now, Feng Shui is practiced more at home using the Bagua grid. The grid represents 9 important aspects of human’s life namely, career; travel; creativity and children; love; reputation; wealth; family and health; and wisdom. Since it is a grid, it is consists of 3 columns and 3 rows, representing each area called “gua.” The center box of the grid is the fulcrum, which represents the health area and is energized by the element of Earth and the yellow color. Underneath the middle box is the career, which is represented by the element of Water and the black color. Above the middle box is the reputation box, represented by the element of Fire and the red color. To the right of the career box is the People/Travel box that is represented by the Gray or Silver color. Above it is the creativity/children box that is represented by the element of Metal and the white color.  Above the creativity box is the love box represented by the pink color. On the left side of the career box is the wisdom box, which is energized by the color blue. Above it is the family box, which is energized by the element of Wood and the color green. Finally, above the family box is the prosperity box, which is known to be represented by the color Purple.

To use Feng Shui in improving a home, the whole layout plan of the house must be fit in the grid so that the layout, arrangements, decorations and colors will be replaced or changed according to the grid. The Bagua grid doesn’t change. It works when the aforementioned colors and elements are placed in exact order or locations mentioned in the grid.

Tips on Home Improvement

Article submitted by Alex Saroyan of Home And Gardens.
There are different ways to improving a home aside from the most common concept of home renovation. Anything done to a home to make it a better place to live in basically falls under the category of home improvement. So what are the types of home improvement there are? Well, there are a lot. But the most common ones include upgrading ventilation, cooling and or heating systems at home; improving electrical and plumbing systems; replacing roof; masonry; adding a room; turning a room or basement into something more useful; and more. The general purpose of home improvement is to provide comfort to people living in it, maintaining and repairing parts of the house that can be easily mended, adding space, saving energy, and safety.

To ensure satisfaction with the result of a major home improvement endeavor, homeowners are advised to seek help from experienced contractors. Finding a good one is easy as most of them advertise themselves or put their names on the yellow page of the telephone directory. However, for simple repair and replacement cases, the homeowner himself can already do the job. To choose a contractor, it is necessary to inquire about his or her credentials, experience and license. To choose a do-it-yourself guide, it is necessary for the owner to carefully plan any home improvement activity to avoid wastage of time and resources.  By planning, a good DIY research and easy how-to-do-it instructions are needed for full guidance. With this, homeowners could save a lot of money for labor and could do the work according to desired schedules.


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