How To Buy Sheets? Quilts? Comforters? Etc.

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                A lot of people take pride in their homes, most especially their rooms. They consider their rooms to be a mirror of who they are and it becomes a sacred sanctuary for rest and relaxation. So more often than not, people tend to indulge in purchasing items that will fit their style and design of their room. They will purchase queen comforter sets that will make them feel like royalty as they come home from a long day at work.

                There are a lot of stores that sell and carry a wide selection of luxury and designer beddings that cater to the customers who are capable of spending a few extra money for their comfort. Some brands offer high quality products that have fashion savvy sets and also have imprints in them that are uniquely designed and patterned to fit the preference of their buyers. But it is always important to choose pieces that will suit your home’s style and design.

                If you wish to avoid the hassle of going to the mall, some online stores provide selections complete with detailed descriptions that make it easier for the customer to browse and choose a variety of curtains, towels, blankets, duvet covers, comforter sets and a whole lot more. Finding the right twin comforter sets or other products no longer have to be an all day thing because now it can easily be done at the comfort of your own home. Transform your bedrooms into a comfort haven as you purchase the perfect products for you.

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4 Common Garage Door Problems

Without a doubt, garage doors add to the appeal of one’s home. However, there are a number of problem that occur over a period of time.

That said, here are 4 common garage door problems that one should watch out for:

#1: Bent doors

The reason why garage doors bend is because cars roll into the doors. This also happens because you try closing them with something in the way. Types of doors that are most susceptible to bending are aluminum and steel doors.

While in some cases, all you have to do is straighten it yourself, a professional will have to be called in to replace the panels and slats if it’s a bit more complicated than that.

#2: Failed mechanism

Garage doors are usually balanced by weights or springs and over time, these springs tend to break causing a loss of tensions. Other types of garage doors use cables and springs. In both cases, you will need to hire the services of a professional to get your door back in order.

#3: Jammed locks

There’s no doubt that locks are an integral part to a garage door and they can get jammed from time to time. Since there are a number of spares available for almost all types of locks, all you have to do is replace the lock or even take it to a professional to repair the faulty part.

#4: Faulty door opener

This problem is most common among automatic doors with electric openers which leads to failure when it comes to opening or closing. This is because of the failure of the electrical circuit or that of the drive motor to control the safety sensors or the remote control.

Warm Floors in the Morning

Written by EZ Floor Heat

Getting up in the morning can be a very difficult task for some people, and getting ready for work can be all the more difficult to do when you have to face the cold wrath of the cold tiles in the bathroom. You can never really know how to fix the problem unless you want to waste warm water by pouring it all over the floor. So what can we do about this very serious morning predicament, aside from putting a heater under the tiles, which is exactly what some people have done. Some people have placed a mat shaped heating membrane that is place under the bathroom tiles so that a steady stream of heat will maintain the temperature of the tiles under your feet. Heated floors are now the trending item in terms of home improvement as they are very cheap to produce. Electric Floor heating has never been more affordable. A lot of the high end hotels and motels are already investing in this new technology as it has always been a welcome addition to the features of the rooms they offer.

So what are you waiting for? It’s cheap, it’ll last a lifetime and you can be sure it’s maintenance free. The cost of these heaters will seem like a miniscule cost as compared to the amount of pleasure you will feel to wake up to comfortably warm floors. It would almost be as if you look forward to waking up in the morning just for those warm tiles.

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Great Patios with Artificial Grass

Written by Artificial Turf Supply

Your patio should be a comfortable outdoor living space, a place where family and guests can relax and unwind. If your patio needs a little makeover, consider upgrading it with some artificial grass. Synthetic grass is a versatile, cost-effective material that can be used to enhance patios. Many people enjoy using synthetic grass for patios because it’s soft and forgiving but durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements. Fake grass is also an ideal patio surface because it’s maintenance-free.

If you’ve never used synthetic grass before, no problem! There are many ways you can use synthetic turf to update your patio with comfort and style in mind. Here are just some ideas on how to create beautiful patios with artificial grass.

DIY patio carpet: Most patios are cement, brick, or wood surfaces. Consider adding comfort and unique style to your patio by installing a synthetic turf patio. With the right tools and proper help, you can install a synthetic turf patio in a day or two. To cover your patio with synthetic turf, consider purchasing residential-grade fake turf, or ask your artificial turf supplier for recommendations on the type of turf that is best for your project.

Fireplace landscaping: If your patio has an outdoor fireplace, consider landscaping the area with artificial grass. Artificial grass is a great border material, adding style and color to an otherwise cement or boring border. You can also consider bordering the entire patio with fake grass. It’s also affordable. Artificial grass cost for this project depends on the size.

A connecting pathway: Use fake grass to connect the patio to the rest of the backyard. It’s easy to design a beautiful pathway with synthetic grass, including a straight walkway or a curved or spiral walkway.

Artificial Turf Supply carries a large selection of residential artificial lawns, including synthetic turf for patios, decks, and backyard escapes.

Foam for Arts and Crafts Projects

Foam can be an excellent way to spend the afternoon crafting with children. It’s inexpensive to purchase, and you can make a variety of cool concepts with it. Foam also comes in many colors, and it’s easy to cut and shape into practically anything. All you need is a few sheets of foam, something to color with, and some child-safe scissors. Here are some simple projects you can do with sound proofing foam, craft foam or even leftover upholstery foam.

Make a Foam Lunch

You can make an appetizing looking lunch made entirely from foam. Using red sheets, you can cut circles for tomatoes. Pink can be used to make the meat in the sandwich, and you can cut rounded edges on a sheet of green foam to make lettuce. A slice of white foam, colored brown around the edges can form the piece of bread that holds the whole thing together. You can even craft some potato chips out of yellow foam, using a crimping machine to create a pattern across the face of the chip.

You can also add other veggies too, like a pickle (complete with paste on seeds) and a purple onion. Cut a thin strip of white foam and color it purple. The end result is a purple onion that looks natural.


You can create colorful pinwheels to catch wind out of foam. You first need to cut a large circle from any color sheet of foam, then slice six slits into the foam. The pinwheel effect occurs when you press in on the slits you made, keeping the edges held together with glue. You can also add an embellishment to the pinwheel, like glitter or a colorful button threaded to the pinwheel. Attach it to a dowel and go play outside.

Foam Stamps

Leftover acoustic foam panels work well for this project. Begin by cutting out some shapes for the kids to work with. You can even affix layers of another foam sheet to your original design to create depth in your art work. This works especially well with leaves, where you can add layers to simulate the vein effect.

Foam Windsock

This project begins with a single sheet of craft foam. You fold this sheet over to create a tunnel, then you can staple or glue it shut. The last part of the project is to construct your design for the outside. You can cut colorful shapes or patterns from the foam, or create a design like a giraffe or a fish to adorn the outside.
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Foam for your home

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Home may be where the heart is, but it’s also where you feel most comfortable. No one wants to spend time anywhere they don’t feel comfortable, right? This also means your guests. You can’t expect them to want to spend a lot of time at your home, if you can’t get comfortable.

So many of us would benefit from making that our next home improvement project. The good news is, unlike so many other examples, this project will be inexpensive and easy to do. Best of all, it will have actual results.

That’s because your material of choice will be foam. This amazing option makes everything more comfortable. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sleeping on a foam mattress before, you really need to give it a try.

Thanks to foam inserts, it’s never been easier to revamp your furniture’s comfort level. You no longer need to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to work with your furniture in order to fill it with more subpar cushioning before paying you a hefty fee.

With inserts, just access the inside of the cushion in question, place it in and that’s all there is to it. Foam is exceedingly easy to customize so no matter what kind of shape you’re after, it’s a simple solution.


If you’re in the market for foam cushion options, whether they’re for your mattress foam, the kind you need for outdoor furniture or anything else, The Foam Factory is your number one source to shop at.

Properly Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit

In California, where temperatures routinely pique in the 70s, winter was more of an afterthought. Other parts of the country felt the winter chill, but some states like California may have had to fire up their air conditioning units just to create a comfortable atmosphere. Before summer kicks in and the rest of the country has to do the same, you should check your air conditioning unit and clean it thoroughly. Even cleaning a spot cooler will keep your bills lower, and your house cooler.


You will need to locate the furnace for your home, then look directly above it. You’ll find a foil-covered piece called the “plenum,” which you will need to remove. The foil you see acts as insulation, but you will need to carefully remove it from the plenum (it should be taped on), then remove the access plate by unscrewing it. Use a stiff brush, a wire brush will work well here, and clean the inside and underside of the evaporator with it.

Screw the unit back into place and re-affix the tape that you removed when you are finished.


Your condenser unit is typically located outside of the home, often on the side of the house or in the backyard. Among the usual maintenance tasks you should do, trim the grass around the unit frequently. This overgrowth can restrict airflow. You will need some commercial coil cleaner, and you may need to remove the grill on your condenser unit. Wipe down each of the fins, but don’t use your garden hose. It may sound tempting to save yourself some time, but you are more likely to turn the caked on dirt into mud and gum up the system.


When you need to troubleshoot a smaller unit, like a window air conditioner or fan coil units, the process is almost the same. The device functions almost like a home air conditioning unit, but there are some subtle differences. For one, unplug the unit to make sure you are not in danger of electrical shock. Remove the grille routinely and wipe down the dust you find within. You should also clean the coils in the unit at the beginning of the season where it will see the most use.

Once your unit is clean and working well, focus on keeping the temperature comfortable. The higher you can withstand the heat, the better for your power bill. Air conditioners have their uses on the job site, but it’s important to find an acceptable temperature where work can continue without delay.
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5 Furnace Maintenance Tips That Anyone Can Perform

Written by: Your Filter Connection

Easily the most problematic and maintenance-intensive part of any home HVAC system is the furnace. Whether your furnace is gas-fired or oil-fired, it requires a fair amount of cleaning and maintenance to operate efficiently. While major repairs are best handled by experienced technicians, most minor maintenance tasks can be completed by homeowners themselves. Here are five easy ways to keep your furnace humming.

Regularly Clean Your Furnace
Taking the time to give your furnace a top-to-bottom cleaning each fall is a no-brainer. As your furnace gets mired in gunk over time, carbon monoxide leaks and eventual breakdown become ever greater possibilities. Make sure to clean off the electrostatic furnace filter, wipe down the exterior motor housing and vacuum up any visible debris that may have accumulated.

Inspect & Clean Vents, Flues and Ducts
Giving your heating system’s conduits a thorough once-over every year is a key part of any maintenance regimen. Be sure to clean out any vents or flues that are stopped up with debris. In addition to clearing any blockages you might find, it’s important to check for leaks in your ducts and repair them as needed. You can also check the state of your 3M furnace filter, to see if it needs replacing.

Inspect Belts & Blowers
Regardless of the fuel that your furnace uses, blowers and belts are the key to moving hot air around your house. Clean out the blower assembly, including the housing and wheel, while tightening up any loose nuts or bolts that you come across. Don’t forget to take a look at your fan belts and adjust them to the proper tension.

Change Filters Frequently
Much like a car, a home furnace can’t function efficiently without clean air. In the old days, experts recommended monthly filter changes. However, recent advancements in technology mean that a filter can last an entire season. Choose a high-quality component such as a Honeywell furnace filter to achieve hyper-efficient combustion and improve indoor air quality.

Lubricate Moving Parts
Though a furnace isn’t nearly as complicated as a jet engine, it still requires lubrication to run quietly and efficiently. The internals of most modern motors are sealed up and lubricate themselves. However, a large number of older furnace motors require a few drops of non-detergent 10W oil at the start of the winter season to avoid undue friction and heat.

An Ounce of Prevention
As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention will typically save you a pound or more of cure in the long run. If you regularly perform the preceding tune-ups on your furnace, you’ll find yourself saving a decent chunk of change on repairs in the future. Just stick to a sensible maintenance schedule and the results will surely follow.

Easy and Affordable Bathroom Upgrades

Written by EZ Floor Heat

Is your bathroom looking a little drab? It might be time for a makeover. There are many ways to upgrade the bathroom, from installing new tile to buying a new sink, toilet, and tub. But many bathroom upgrades are simply too expensive or take months to complete.

So how do you update your bathroom without spending a lot of time and money? Fortunately there are many simple and affordable ways to update the look and comfort of your bathroom. The following is a list of our favorite easy and affordable bathroom upgrades.

Install radiant floor heating. Who doesn’t want to step out of a warm shower and unto warm floors? Surprisingly, radiant floor heating is a cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom without spending a lot of time. The best type of radiant floor heating system for the bathroom is an electric floor heating system that works with a network of cables placed underneath your bathroom floor. An electric heating system can be installed under tile, marble, or slate floors.

In addition to being an affordable upgrade, electric floor heating systems are also relatively easy. Most projects can be completed within a weekend without the help of a professional. Although it’s always smart to consult an electrician, especially if you’ve never done this before.

Purchase new hardware. A simple and affordable way to revive a boring bathroom is to change the hardware. New cabinet hardware can instantly update the look of your bathroom without costing a lot of money. You can also buy new plumbing fixtures, such as new fixtures for the toilet, sink, tub, and shower.  The key to buying new hardware and fixtures is to select a style that goes with the rest of your décor. Of course, if you have the budget, you can also update your towels, rugs, and wall art.

Paint the bathroom. An easy way to upgrade your bathroom without spending a lot of time and money is to paint. Select a fresh color for the walls. Consider painting a single wall to add color without going over the top. But you don’t have to limit your paint job to the walls. You can also paint or retouch cabinets and other bathroom storage products. Painting the walls and cabinets is a fun weekend project that won’t break the bank.
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