3 Tiling Tips To Consider From the Experts

While tiling experts making a job look simple, this isn’t the case when it comes to those with little or no experience.

The truth is that a good amount of research will be required so as to make sure it looks like a professional job once you are done.

That said, here are 3 tiling tips from the experts that can help you do just that:

#1: Purchase the right grout and adhesive and the right amount too

Since not all adhesives for a tiling job is rarely every the same, it’s a good idea to get some advice for the tiling project that you wish to undertake. Not only do they come as powdered, flexible, thick or thin set or even ready mixed formats but one must watch out for grout as well as they come in a number of colors and options.

#2: Buy sufficient number of tiles

Not only should you buy sufficient tiles for the area you intend to cover but also a few more just in case some of them are damaged. You can find online tile calculators for this. One more thing: there’s every possibility of not taking into consideration how the tiles will be laid out. Make sure you check before you purchase what you need since you might have a number of bits and pieces left.

#3: Start in the middle

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s a better idea to start the tiling from the middle and move outwards until you reach the edge. Doing it this way will ensure that you end up with a neater and consistent finish than usual.

Stay Warm this Winter the Best Way Possible

By EZ Floor Heat

There are a number of ways to stay warm in your home. You can make sure all the cracks are sealed and check for drafts. You can turn on the heat. Of course, you can always get under some nice warm blankets too or sit in front of the fireplace. But there’s a method for staying warm during the winter months that’s even better than all these. By using the power of Hydronic Heating, you can actually enjoy a warm floor right below your feet. Every step you take will be heated pleasure that will keep you warm from the toes up.

Best of all you can get a Heated Tile solution in your home for an affordable price. In fact, those of you who know your way around a toolbox may even be able to save a bundle by installing them yourself. How much easier can it be?

And, just like with any other home heating system, you can adjust the temperature as you see fit. So there’s absolutely no way you can’t get just the amount of warmth you want for whatever winter brings. This season, don’t throw away your blankets, but enjoy a much better solution by curling up on a nice warm floor.


EZ Floor Heat is an industry leader in Electric Radiant Heating solutions and education. No matter what supplies you need or the information you want, you can find them at the company’s website or by contacting their staff.

The Good and the Bad of Furnace Filters

Written by Your Filter Connection

The purpose of a home furnace is to keep your house warm and comfortable, even if it’s freezing cold outside. However, running and maintaining a home furnace can be costly. This is why many homeowners want to know how to take care of their furnace. A major part of maintaining a furnace has to do with the filter.

The furnace filter has many important roles. It ensures the unit is working the way it should be and traps contaminants from circulating back into the air you breathe. Want to know more about your filter? Learn the good and the bad about your furnace filter in time for the cold winter months.

The Bad

Stay away from dirty filters. Although the purpose of a furnace filter is to capture contaminants in the air and keep your unit running smoothly, it can backfire on you when not changed on time. A dirty filter is a scary thing, especially if you or someone in your family has allergies. To avoid this serious issue, change the filter every three months or more often if you see that is it visibly dirty. You might have to change the filter more often if you cook often or if there is a smoker inside the home.

You have to be picky. Another negative side of furnace filters is that you can’t replace it with just any filter. If you want your furnace to work its best, purchase a name brand filter such as a replacement Honeywell air filter. It’s also important to buy the right size filter. Using a cheap filter or one that doesn’t fit properly can ruin your furnace and cause problems down the line.

The Good

It’s easy to replace the furnace filter. Although you can’t purchase just any brand or size filter, it’s not hard to find the right replacement for your filter. We recommend buying replacement filters from a company such as Your Filter Connection that offers replacement filters of all types. Through the website you can easily find the filter you need by brand or size. It’s not only easy to replace your filter, but it should be relatively affordable if you find the right retailer. As mentioned above, shopping online can help you save more.

A new filter will extend the life of your furnace. In addition to trapping contaminants in the air, a new clean filter has the power to keep your furnace alive and well for many years. A furnace is a valuable part of the home, the unit that helps keep it warm and comfortable. To make sure that it lasts for years to come and more than a single winter, replace the filter on time with a brand name filter of the right size.
Your Filter Connection is an online source for air filter products from leading name brands, including air conditioner filters. Visit the website to purchase a Honeywell furnace filter today.