Determining the Quality of Artificial Grass

This article was written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division.

Selecting the right artificial turf lawn can be a complicated task. With so many different brands and styles it can feel like you are comparing apples to oranges when trying to select the right lawn for your needs. The good news is that there are several measurable factors that you can use to help you compare different types of artificial turf.

Here are just a few of the many examples of artificial grass measurements that you’ll like see while you are comparison shopping for turf:

Blades of Grass Per Square Yard: You want your artificial turf lawn to look as full as possible. This means that you want to have as many blades of grass per square yard of turf as possible. As a general rule, the more yarn that is used means a higher quality turf. Just like with indoor carpeting, more yarn per square inch equals a denser product. This will feel soft when you step on it and also look full.

Pile Height: Much like with real grass, the height of individual blades of artificial grass is not identical. This would not only be tough to manufacture but slight differences in blade height help to make the grass look more natural. The blade height will have an impact on how the turf looks when it is pushed down over time — longer blades are impacted more — but density is also a key factor.

The ideal pile height will often depend on how you are using the grass. A pile height of 1.5 to 2 inches is great for most residential lawns; owners with pets who will be outside should consider a small pile height to make it easier to clean up messes.

Layers of Backing: The primary backing on a synthetic turf lawn is actually made of two or more individual layers of backing. These layers have yarn pushed through them in order to get the blades of grass to stand up straight. Artificial grasses that have more layers or thicker layers will have blades of grass that stand up higher.

Total Weight: The total weight of an artificial turf lawn consists of its face weight — how many ounces of yarn are used per square yard — combined with the amount of backing used per square yard. A higher number will mean that you have a denser artificial turf and one that is likely to look great and last longer.


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Great tools to have around the house

Written by Toolsmith Direct

If you already own a tool chest, you know how useful it is around the house. Starting a tool chest usually requires minimal investment on the part of the homeowner but you will notice that over time your collection will grow as you improve your skills and get into different projects. The following list provides some of the basic tools that you might invest in to start your tool chest.

Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are basic hand tools but they come in handy in almost every occasion. It might help you open a laptop, tighten a cabinet or just crack open a paint cane.

Tape Measure

Tape measure are useful to measure distances, wall areas and thickness of lumbers.


A smooth-faced claw hammer of 16 ounce is very versatile. It can be used to drive nails into walls or knocking together DIY furniture. The curved claw is used to pull out nails.

Set of Pliers

Pliers can be used to straighten bent over power cord plugs, to slice wiring or to get a good grip when tightening just about anything.

Mechanics Tool Set

Constituting a set automotive tools also comes handy to bring quick fixes to your car, especially if you have the skills to diagnose simple mechanical issues.

Floor Creeper

If you tend to spend a good amount of your time underneath your car, you might think about investing in a floor creeper to improve your comfort.

Toolsmith Direct provides quality equipment and automotive tools from service to sales to help you start constituting a tool set.

The Origin of Fire Codes

Fire codes aren’t rules that are applied to all construction projects, although certain commonalities do exist. The fact is that certain fires throughout history have shaped both how we protect ourselves from fires, and how we determine the causes of those fires. Just as a steel fabrication expert relies on evidence to determine the quality of materials, fire safety experts look at all aspects of construction to determine over all safety. Fire safety begins with knowing how the codes were formed, and understanding the importance of protecting your assets.

The 1903 Iroquois Theatre fire had a huge impact in the safety of auditoriums and similar structures. That fire claimed 602 lives, and forever ensured that fire exits would be present at all auditoriums. Buildings are now liable for these exits, and failure to comply can be detrimental to construction claim preparation.

The Winecoff Hotel fire of 1946 led to the permanent installation of smoke detection and fire suppression systems in hotels. The fire killed 119 people in a hotel that had bragged about its fireproof status. The frame of the building was made of steel, and thus impervious to fire. The interior was made of combustible materials, however, and the building burned down the night of December 7th, 1946.

One of the most tragic accidents also had a large impact on fire safety. This fire was already causing massive amounts of damage to the school before it was noticed. As a result, fire alarms are now automated and firewalls and emergency lighting are used in the event of an emergency.

::Lyle Charles is a construction claims expert with experience in steel fabrication. Lyle Charles Consulting is available for commercial construction consulting.

Trends in interior design

Written by eBergen County Homes

Several trends have emerged in 2014 and have affected the way we decorate our homes. Some of them are inspiring, while others could leave you skeptical. You might want to go through the list below and decide for yourself.

The Bejeweled kitchen

The bejeweled kitchen, as its name suggests implies decorating your kitchen to make it worthy of the wealthiest of sultans. This involves using colors such as gold or copper and placing jeweled objects such as semi-precious stones or golden pots.

Honey-toned furniture

While the trend might have been going for darker colored wood in the past years, honey-toned furniture is back. These light-colored furniture provide a soothing tone to a room and are made out of woods such as oak or walnut.

Turquoise color

Turquoise is a special color. It might represent the sea and tropical holidays in the mind of a lot of people. This year turquoise has been around a lot in design as wall or furniture colors. This color surely uplifts in even the gloomiest of days.

Blending in with nature

Blending in with nature requires creativity in the home design as it involves adding “raw” elements from the nature such as stone made out of a wood bark.

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