Custom Foam for Replacement Cushions

Custom-Foam-for-Replacement-CushionsWritten by Carlo Badalamenti.

When you order replacement foam for your sofa or chair cushion, you can typically get it ordered in one of many different common shapes. Sites such as the Foam Factory will have different popular shapes to choose from — all you need to do is put in the measurements of your particular cushion and they will do the rest.

But what do you do if your seat doesn’t come in a normal size? You might have a boat seat that is an unusual size or a retro chair that has a cushion that doesn’t fit the normal shapes. Many people decide to take matters into their own hands and purchase a larger piece of foam and cut it to fit the shape on their own.

This approach has several issues, the most important being that it is difficult to get the foam cut exactly right. Even when you take all the measurements, translating that into cutting the foam precisely can be extremely difficult. Cutting foam is not like cutting other materials, so getting an exact fit is often impossible. In addition, you’ll need to buy more foam than you’ll use to cut out your piece, leading to wasted scraps that you paid for but will never use.

One solution is to skip the hassle and order a custom cut piece of foam. Companies such as the Foam Factory can take your measurements and cut an exact piece of foam to match your needs. You can also order custom cushion covers from many companies as well.

Carlo Badalamenti is the Marketing Manager of the Foam Factory, one of the leading retailers of replacement foam. They sell precut and custom foam cushions for a variety of uses.

Highlights of the TRTL30x6 safe

ism_30x6_mainIf you are new to safes, you will likely be confused with what the first part in the name of the TRTL30x6 safe means. Is it some poorly thought out brand name? Is it a product code? Or, is it a simply generic name that is also used by other manufacturers?

TRTL30x6 is actually a code that indicates the type of safe. The combination of letters and number represent major attributes of the safe. These combinations, simply put, are as follows:

TR – Torch Resistant
TL – Tool Resistant
30 – “Resistance” Duration
x6 – sides deemed “resistant”

Being torch resistant means being fire-resistant. If you fail to figure out why is it called “torch resistant” instead of simply stating “fire resistant,” just think of a blow torch. Obviously, a blow torch produces a very hot fire and this fire may be used by burglars to melt a hole or weaken the lock system of a safe.

On the other hand, tool resistance infers the ability to hold off attempts to open or destroy the lock using various kinds of tools. These tools include drills, grinders, picking tools, and electrical or mechanical hand tools. `

The number components of the name, 30 and x6, respectively indicate the duration of the fire and tool resistance and the number of sides to which the resistance applies. The first number, 30, means that the safe is tested to be able to prevent things inside the safe from getting adversely affected by heat for up to 30 minutes. X6 indicates that all 6 sides of the safe are designed to be fire resistant and capable of holding off tool attacks.

Basically, this letter and number combination is only related to the security and protection rating of the safe. They don’t indicate dimensions or the thickness of the walls and doors of the safes. They also don’t present information whether the safe is electronic or mechanical. You have to inquire with the seller to learn more about the dimensions and other features of the safe you may want to buy. Of course, you also need to examine the safe.

Safes with the TRTL30x6 rating are usually used in the commercial setting or in securing highly valuable items at homes. They are usually big, ranging from 40 to 70 inches in height and around 30 inches in depth. They are not cheap so spending for them is usually considered an investment. For businesses, these highly secure safes, along with vaults, are a recommended expenditure not just for holding cash and valuables but also for containing important documents. The fire resistance of this type of safe means that documents are secured in case of fire. It’s important to remember, however, that fire protection is only up to a certain amount of time, from 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer.

Choose safes rated as TRTL30x6 if you are securing highly valuable items. They are quite pricey but the high level of protection they offer is definitely worth it.

How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger

How-to-Make-a-Small-Kitchen-Look-LargerThe kitchens, master bedroom and bathrooms are the prime selling points of your home outside of the curb appeal your front yard can set. Bigger kitchens are the most desirable, but not every house was built with a large kitchen in mind. Here are some tips to help make your smaller kitchen look significantly larger.

Take out a Wall

If you don’t have a load bearing wall in the kitchen, take a sledge hammer to it and you’ll create more space in the area. If you do, you can try to remove a section of a wall leading into the kitchen to make a breakfast bar area. All you need to do is extend the other side with some counter space.

Add Storage

Open shelving and storage, as well as storage with doors all help to make your kitchen look roomy by removing clutter. It’s easy to go overboard and add too many cabinets in one’s desire to have a more open space. The solution is to utilize glass-faced cabinet doors. It’s not quite as effective at removing cabinets entirely, but it gives the illusion of space.

Final Tips

Lots of people want to add islands when they should add a cutting board attached to a cart. This gives you more mobility, extra counter space, and keeps the kitchen from looking cluttered. Scale is very important in a small kitchen, where an oversized microwave or coffee machine can look dramatically out of place.

Bio: As CEO of Realty ONE Group, Kuba Jewgieniew has unique perspective on what makes a home ready to sell.

3 Reasons to Outsource Office Cleaning

Keeping an office tidy gives it a look of success too. First, it gives visitors a positive impression. Second, it increases productivity as it contributes to employee health too.

Of course, it’s an excellent option to hire in-house cleaners. But it’s even better to hire out office cleaning to company externally.

So, here are 3 reasons why you should outsource office cleaning:

yourhomeimprovement 1: Save Money

You can save a substantial amount of money when it comes to office cleaning. This involves zero expenditure on equipment and products. Also, saving money on salaries, benefits packages, sick and holiday pay as well as other costs are also possible. Finally, it just costs much less to hire an external cleaning company.

2: An Excellent Job Done

Contracted cleaners are under pressure to impress their clients with their cleaning service from the get go. They know that if they get it right the first time, they’ll be given more cleaning work in the future. Moreover, if they don’t deliver, another cleaning firm can be hired instead. So, they have no choice but to get an excellent job done if they want to retain their clients.

3: Flexible Service

For this type of service, you might not need the same thing every month. Some weeks might require you to do a light clean of certain parts of the office. Other weeks might require a deep clean too. Based on the need, the external cleaning company can send more or less staff to do either. You won’t need to do any extra recruitment if you outsource it either.