Sliding Doors are Making Homes Trendier

Sliding-Doors-are-Making-Homes-TrendierMost homeowners install sliding doors to lead out into their patio or backyard. Nowadays, an increasing number of these doors are actually replacing swinging doors as an alternative. Here are some of the more common areas where you would find a sliding door at.


In modern and newer houses, shower curtains have become a thing of the past. Replacing them are, you guessed it, glass sliding doors. They look cleaner, sharper, and are overall easier to work with than those pesky curtains. Even bathroom doors have been converted for both functionality and aesthetic purposes.

Interior Sliding Doors

Separating rooms with swinging doors are one of the standards of interior design. Lately, sliding doors have proved to be an efficient, and stylish, way of entering and exiting through rooms. The concept’s been catching on too. These doors can enhance the look and feel of a room – making it look more complete. It can also serve as a barrier to provide a sense of privacy to another room.


Closets are one of the most common areas a sliding door would be installed at. It’s a practical and attractive choice that showcases your closet in a trendy way. Additionally, without the “swing” of a door, there’s typically more space on both sides of the closet and the room to place tables, decorations, or anything of the sort. Also, if mirrored correctly, it can create an illusion of depth into a closet, making it seem considerably larger than it actually is.

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The Benefits of an Electric Fence

By Farm Supply Store3

If you’re looking into getting a fence, I don’t have to tell you that there are countless options to choose from. You already know that. There are far more to consider than ever before. You may even be struggling with how to decide.

Fortunately, there are two easy questions that can help.

Do you own a dog?

Do you want to keep out coyotes, wolves and even rabbits?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then an electric fence is definitely the way to go. An electric fence will make sure that the only things in your yard are the ones you want there.

Best of all, you can most likely install your own. All it takes is an aluminum fence and a battery to run the current and you should be good. An electric fence charger will get the action started. Then, if you are ever unsure if it’s working or not, an electric fence tester will show you.

Don’t worry. The charge won’t actually kill anyone either. Instead, it will simply give a warning shock that lets an animal know not to try crossing it again, which is exactly what you want.


Horse fencing is always a tricky thing. However, the team of experts at Farm Supply Store is here to make it easy on you. Whether you just need extra parts or electric fence installation, they’ll make sure you get what you need to get the job done.

Where Can Wicker Furniture Go?

2By Wicker Paradise

If it’s been a while since you’ve bought new furniture, you may not know about all the contemporary options you now have to choose from. While there are all kinds of new designs and even a few new materials, the biggest change in perhaps the last decade or so is actually indoor wicker furniture. These days, most major showrooms all have some indoor wicker furniture sets to keep up with demand.

In the past, of course, wicker was largely meant for the patio and other outdoor areas. However, as more and more people fell in love with wicker, the demand became clear to furniture manufacturers: people wanted to bring theirs indoors where they could keep enjoying it no matter what the weather.

So where can wicker furniture go?

The simply answer is anywhere you like. Some people have even used wicker as their dining room furniture.

However, plenty of others have used wicker furniture for their basements, living room, family room and even their bedrooms.

With so many options to choose from these days, you can take your time finding the best possible version for your home. Once you do that, it will become easy to place it and use the right cushions to get the perfect look.


Everyone loves wicker bedroom furniture, but not everyone wants to pay ridiculous prices to get the most amazing pieces in their home. If this sounds like you, check out the selection and affordable prices at Wicker Paradise.

5 Asian inspired design ideas

Integrating Asian inspired design ideas in your home, can create a sense of serenity and tranquility. If you travel to Asia often, buying a few key pieces can be very inexpensive and yet make a statement.

Feng Shui- This art was practiced by ancient chinese cultures. The art of Feng Shui is based on the belief that everything has negative and positive energy. Therefore to create harmony in a space these two energies have to be balanced. Books on the subject are easily accessible and provide details on how furniture should be placed. By including this design idea, you may feel that your room/ home has more space and an easy flow.

Iconic influences- Most asian homes will include a statue of Siddhartha Gautama, better known as Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha who was the founder of buddhism taught in 5th BC. Statues of the Lord Buddha come in various sizes and are made of wood, stone or cement. The features of the statue bring about a sense of calm to the beholder.

A zen space – The japanese arm of buddhism aims to reach zen, which is a form of enlightenment only reached through meditation and wisdom. In design, incorporating this state involves including calm colours, simple lines and furnishing, natural fabrics which create balance and harmony. Think of colors like beige, brown, dull yellow and burnt orange.

Simple styling- Asian design style concentrates on minimalism. Think dark wood furnishings with bamboo screens and neutral lamps with soft, warm lighting, add to the balance in a room.