Why You Should Seek Out a Turnaround Service

Why-You-Should-Seek-Out-a-Turnaround-ServiceWhen turnaround services are employed, the processing plant or building will be temporarily closed due to a hefty change in the internal structure. Turnaround services are costly but effective. When you are considering a major overhaul, then you’ll want to seek out construction turnaround services.

Turnarounds are vital in keeping all of the maintenance records up-to-date as well as the facility’s upkeep. If there is no sense of direction in a company, the only place they’re headed is into a financial risk. The safety of the staff is one of the most important things that an owner should look after. A factory or a plant could potentially be shut down upon inspection that it is not deemed safe to continue operation.

Because it costs a company time and money to perform a turnaround service, the owner must schedule a time period that the service will take place during. Construction & turnaround services work around the clock for your company so that there will be less money being wasted during the lack of operation.

For construction projects especially, there needs to be the type of leadership that will keep the project on pace with the due date. A structural steel expert or a steel fabrication expert may be employed by the turnaround service for a specific project if they feel that the company will benefit from one.

This is another benefit that a turnaround service offers. They will give the owner a sense of direction into what will happen if they continue to go their route while also offering an effective solution. If a steel fabrication expert is needed to continue the project, then they will inform the owner of the necessary changes that need to be made.

Replacement Intervals for Home Air Filters

Written by: Your Filter Connection

Knowing when and how to replace a home air filter can earn you big savings on your monthly energy bill. When your AC or furnace filters go too long without being replaced, the dirt and grime they suck in every day starts to clog them. This lowers the efficiency of your heating and cooling units, meaning they have to work extra hard and stay on longer to keep your home comfortable. The smaller investment of regularly replacing your filters extends the lifespan of your units, saves you on maintenance and overhaul costs, saves you from paying for the extra energy they use, and maybe most importantly, keeps the air you breathe fresh and free of dust and harmful particles.

Basic Rules and Concepts

As a general rule, your air filters need to be replaced once a month for every inch of thickness the filter has. So, a one-inch filter needs to be replaced once a month, and a three-inch filter needs to be replaced every three months. However, this depends on a lot of different factors regarding your home and lifestyle. For one thing, if you live somewhere warm and you hardly ever have to run the heat, you probably won’t need new filters very often. But if you live somewhere hot and run the AC a lot, then you’ll need to stay on top of replacing your air conditioner filter more often. If you have pets, the pet hair and dander will clog your filters faster, and so they should be replaced more frequently. If somebody in your home smokes indoors, then that will also decrease the filter’s life span. To know for sure whether or not you need to replace your filter, simply remove your air filter and check it– if it is visibly dirty or discolored, then it probably needs replacing soon.

Additional Considerations

There are some extra things to consider when it comes to furnace filters. For one, even if you haven’t run your unit in months, it will naturally have collected dust. When you first run your heater, all this dust will burn off, causing an unpleasant odor in your home. While this odor should go away after about a half-hour or so, a dirty air filter can be a fire hazard if the accumulated dust actually manages to ignite when you turn your furnace on. Check your furnace owner’s manual and the safety precautions on your replacement furnace filters to know whether or not your unit is prone to this sort of hazard.
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How to Manage a Change in the Blue Print

Blueprint Project

Blueprint Project

The best, most effective, project managers will tell you that change is inevitable. And most companies will already have a change management policy in place. This is a large component of interim short term management services.

One aspect of construction advisory services is being ready for anything. The best managers always have an action plan in place for the next change. For example – changes to building plans. Each change may require additional input from the city, including permits, which add days to your already tight schedule.

Any time there is a change to your plans, you need to be prepared to handle the subsequent challenges quickly to reduce downtime.

One of the most important facets of construction management is knowing which step is going to cost the least amount of money – and taking that step. So, in the case of this changed deadline, hiring more workers is an option. Additional personnel would help get the project done on time, but then there is the cost of hiring more workers to take into account.

So, it’s clear that either way, there will be a cost. The best managers are decisive! If hiring more workers to finish the project on time would cost less than the late penalty, then clearly hiring more workers is the best immediate action.

When a manager’s performance is reviewed, their ability to protect the bottom line will be the major index by which they are measured, so the best managers let this guide their every-day decision making. Then, when the costs are clear, be decisive.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting is an interim short term management firm specializing in all aspects of commercial and residential construction.

Lyle Charles Offers Home Construction Management Tips

Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Summary: Management tips to improve the safety and efficiency of your home construction project.

Having a home built for you is a wonderful feeling, but the planning can be overwhelming. Especially if it’s your first time. The process of getting permits, coupled with the time it takes to prepare blueprints can be burdensome. Throw in the costs to renovate those blueprints and you have even more trouble. Especially with inspections. Here are some tips from a seasoned construction professional on how to improve the workflow for your home construction project.

Secure Materials

Double check that you’ve ordered the proper supplies, and that you’re getting a good deal. Construction claims consultants can provide a lot of benefit here, because they know what you should be paying for materials. They may also have suppliers they prefer to work with, just be sure that you have an estimated time line and some form of guarantee of delivery.

Securing Permits

Before you move forward with building, you’ll need to submit your designs to the city and have them approved. The city will issue you the relevant permits based on the specifications of your project. It’s important that you build additions up to code, as you can run into problems later if you decide to sell the property. Also, codes keep buildings safe. Having your blueprints approved is an important step in building a safe structure.

Final Thought

Remember that your best defense against legal troubles down the road is record keeping. It’s easy to lose receipts in the chaos of building, but those receipts are your primary line of defense in court. If contractors bring a lawsuit against you, retain a consultant to review your documentation.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting offers construction & turnaround services for commercial and residential building projects.


How to Utilize Construction Advisory Services

A consultant is someone who can solve a lot of problems, but they can be expensive and may lead you down the wrong path if you’re not sure which questions to ask. No matter how skilled a project manager is, there will always be something left unanticipated. Consultants aren’t necessary for every project but they do come in handy when you’re trying to plan arena or skyscraper production. Here are some tips on how to utilize consultants effectively.

Project Planning

One of the most effective jobs you can hire a consultant to do is assist in the planning phase. They are an excellent pair of “second eyes.” They help project managers look for better technology, better construction methods and other techniques that can increase efficiency. Ideally, the cost of hiring a consultant should be mostly made up by the savings the consultant brings to your project, so be sure you have some specifics in mind for where you think you might need help.

Claims Management

A construction claims consultant is well-versed in the process of filing disputes. He or she is not a legal professional, but they are familiar with laws and may also be a licensed expert witness. Preparing claims can eat up a ton of time, which is detrimental to smaller organizations. The trouble is that lawsuits are a fact of construction life. The solution is to hire a claims consultant to handle the heavy lifting and prepare you for mediation or trial.

Hiring a consultant can be effective, but it’s most useful in specific situations where the consultant’s expertise is of direct benefit to you.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting is a firm that manages construction and turnaround services for commercial projects. Lyle Charles is an expert in arena and skyscraper construction projects.

Tips to Stop Construction Disputes

A construction project consists of many moving parts, and a lot of money from various sources. Even residential projects can quickly climb in value. Especially as the home owner adds more custom furnishings and makes changes to plans. Of course, rising costs often mean disputes over those costs. Here are tips construction consultants often use to help avoid disputes altogether.


Every aspect of a construction project should be put into writing. This includes all of the details of the home or building owner’s order, all personnel changes, all materials ordered, plans, any changes to those plans and any other request pertinent to the project. It may seem excessive, but verbal agreements do not hold up in court. Besides, people forget things all the time. Don’t let yourself fall victim to that trap. Put everything in writing.

Open Communication

Project managers shoulder a heavy burden, but it helps to stay in contact with the owners and higher ups. PMs who keep these key people informed tend to face fewer disputes over missed deadlines, especially if interim short term management services are contracted. Adding a bit of help when the PM needs it most can help put a project back on track and minimize the damages.

Keep Detailed Records

Records are the lifeblood of any successful defense. If ever a dispute arises, record keeping is often the deciding factor behind the outcome. Even in mediation. Record keeping is essential so that each party can point to specifically what was contracted compared to what was actually performed.


Lyle Charles is a construction consultant for residential and commercial construction projects. For help with project management, planning or budgeting, contact Lyle Charles Consulting.

The Origin of Fire Codes

Fire codes aren’t rules that are applied to all construction projects, although certain commonalities do exist. The fact is that certain fires throughout history have shaped both how we protect ourselves from fires, and how we determine the causes of those fires. Just as a steel fabrication expert relies on evidence to determine the quality of materials, fire safety experts look at all aspects of construction to determine over all safety. Fire safety begins with knowing how the codes were formed, and understanding the importance of protecting your assets.

The 1903 Iroquois Theatre fire had a huge impact in the safety of auditoriums and similar structures. That fire claimed 602 lives, and forever ensured that fire exits would be present at all auditoriums. Buildings are now liable for these exits, and failure to comply can be detrimental to construction claim preparation.

The Winecoff Hotel fire of 1946 led to the permanent installation of smoke detection and fire suppression systems in hotels. The fire killed 119 people in a hotel that had bragged about its fireproof status. The frame of the building was made of steel, and thus impervious to fire. The interior was made of combustible materials, however, and the building burned down the night of December 7th, 1946.

One of the most tragic accidents also had a large impact on fire safety. This fire was already causing massive amounts of damage to the school before it was noticed. As a result, fire alarms are now automated and firewalls and emergency lighting are used in the event of an emergency.

::Lyle Charles is a construction claims expert with experience in steel fabrication. Lyle Charles Consulting is available for commercial construction consulting.

4 Common Garage Door Problems

Without a doubt, garage doors add to the appeal of one’s home. However, there are a number of problem that occur over a period of time.

That said, here are 4 common garage door problems that one should watch out for:

#1: Bent doors

The reason why garage doors bend is because cars roll into the doors. This also happens because you try closing them with something in the way. Types of doors that are most susceptible to bending are aluminum and steel doors.

While in some cases, all you have to do is straighten it yourself, a professional will have to be called in to replace the panels and slats if it’s a bit more complicated than that.

#2: Failed mechanism

Garage doors are usually balanced by weights or springs and over time, these springs tend to break causing a loss of tensions. Other types of garage doors use cables and springs. In both cases, you will need to hire the services of a professional to get your door back in order.

#3: Jammed locks

There’s no doubt that locks are an integral part to a garage door and they can get jammed from time to time. Since there are a number of spares available for almost all types of locks, all you have to do is replace the lock or even take it to a professional to repair the faulty part.

#4: Faulty door opener

This problem is most common among automatic doors with electric openers which leads to failure when it comes to opening or closing. This is because of the failure of the electrical circuit or that of the drive motor to control the safety sensors or the remote control.

How A Furnace Air Filter Works

Having a furnace air filter at home or in the office will ensure that the air you breathe is not contaminated with allergens and pollutants. Poor air quality results to various respiratory diseases such as asthma. Air repeatedly passes through the filters to catch both small and large particles of dust, molds and many others to purify the air. The result? Better air, better health. When you have an air filter, you need to properly maintain it to keep indoor air clean. Purchase a couple of replacement furnace filters, in general, filters needs to be replaced at least every thirty days.

What happens when you have accidentally forgot to check on your air filter? When a filter is left dirty, proper air flow is restricted. This will result to additional strain on the fan motor which can lead to equipment failure. Aside from this, as the fan motor continues to work harder, the higher amount of energy it will consume. Always check on your air filters on a monthly basis. Air filters can be bought either reusable or disposable. Pull out the filter (a sponge-like sheet) and look through it, you will immediately see if it needs cleaning or replacing.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is one of the leading online suppliers of furnace filter, air conditioner, humidifiers and many more. Popular brands included in their catalog are Honeywell, Goodman, Filtrete, Lennox, Bryant, American Standard, Carrier, White Rodgers, Aprilaire, General Aire and a whole lot more.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Swimming Pool Fence

There are a number of reasons you might consider a fence for your swimming pool. But if you need a fence for your pool, its function must come first. Your fence has to keep people, especially small children, from wandering into the pool area and potentially hurting themselves. It also helps if you can see directly into the area, so you know what’s going on at all times. Of course, no one would complain and the solution integrates style too.

Frameless glass pool fencing can do all this. As a fence, it may look invisible at times, but that doesn’t mean it can’t stand its ground. All the same, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if anything does go wrong in the pool area, you’ll be able to see directly in.

Glass swimming pool fences provide a number of other favorable functions as well. While enjoying your pool or lying out nearby, you won’t have to worry about your fence blocking out the sun. It will, however, do wonders for blocking out any wind that might provide you with a chill. Likewise, it can help block out some of the unwanted noise around you, so you’re left with a peaceful dip in the pool.

Just because you need a pool doesn’t mean it has to take away from your property. In fact, a glass pool can actually add value in more than one way.