Reliable Shipping Of Mattresses To Canada

By Carlo Badalamenti

When it comes to buying a new mattress in Canada, you don’t have to look far for options. Just about every mattress store in the country will carry a number of versions and this wide variety is meant to help you get the exact feel you want. Unfortunately, what you’ll often find is that all these options just leave you confused and, potentially, with a worse off night’s sleep.

The good news is that there is an outstanding option for mattresses that leaves the other ones in the dust. Memory foam mattresses are sweeping the entire world—not just Canada—by storm and for good reason. They offer the ultimate in comfort by actually conforming to your body’s unique size and weight.

With metal spring mattresses, you get constant pushback from each and every coil. It’s no wonder you wake up tired or even in pain. However, even a latex mattress in Canada will give you better support and, thus, a better night’s sleep.

So whether you’re in the market now for a new mattress or you simply could use better sleep, look into a memory foam option today.


Canada Foam by Mail offers the types of mattress Canada residents loveand just about any foam product you could want and all at a great price. On their website, you can find countless options in terms of memory foam and the different types of mattresses. So no matter what size bed you use, you’ll find the memory foam option that works best.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Stone Countertops

Even if wooden countertops are cheaper, there are a number of reasons why ones made of stone are much better.

So, if you still are using wooden countertops, here are 3 reasons why you should get stone countertops instead:

#1: Aesthetically appealing

One of the biggest benefits of switching to stone countertops is that when installed, they look very appealing be it in the workplace or in the kitchen. Apart from this, they are available in a number of colors and will blend in quite easily with your interior decor too. Most of all, you won’t need to do a complete remodeling especially since these countertop stones can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen.

#2: Durable

In comparison to plastic and wood, stone countertops are much more durable and will not require replacement as soon as the other two. Also, they can support more weight compared to other options too. In fact, they can last for several years at a time while also not losing their aesthetic appeal as a result. Apart from this, these counters are far more resistant to heat and scratches as well. With this resistance to scratches, the growth of bacteria is prevented too unlike their wooden counterparts.

#3: Relatively affordable

While most stone countertops might be expensive to purchase compared to wooden ones, their durability often results in their price being trivial. Ultimately, the longevity, aesthetics and hygiene make up for the costs. However, one can purchase these countertops at heavy discounts.

Getting creative with foams and cushions

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If you are a do-it-yourself kind of guy, or someone that has a dominant left hemisphere for a brain, you’ll find that it’s hard to contain your creative side. If you’re quite crafty and good with your hands, you’ll find playing with foams and cushions to be a whole lot of fun. You will literally be able to make and shape your own pillow, match it with something that you knit or sew together, and you’ve got yourself a custom-shaped pillow. This is possible by using Custom cushions and Flexible polyurethane foam that you can shape into whatever form you want. If you have kids, you can make pillows and cushions in the shape of flowers, stars, or even animals if you’re quite the artistic type. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making custom cushions. Raw materials for this is very easy to come by, as a matter of fact you can even order it online. Just have some cutters or scissors with you as well as the shape you want so you can expedite work on your custom cushion. Your kids are really going to love it, and so will you. A little embroidery as well would add the perfect touch by putting on the names of your children or any other additional design you want to have. You can do so much with foams and cushions, all you need is a little planning and a little creativity and you’re practically halfway through.


Foams and custom cushions from Canada foam by mail comes in different shapes, sizes and designs that you can mix and match to go perfectly with your home décor.

Foam for your home

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Home may be where the heart is, but it’s also where you feel most comfortable. No one wants to spend time anywhere they don’t feel comfortable, right? This also means your guests. You can’t expect them to want to spend a lot of time at your home, if you can’t get comfortable.

So many of us would benefit from making that our next home improvement project. The good news is, unlike so many other examples, this project will be inexpensive and easy to do. Best of all, it will have actual results.

That’s because your material of choice will be foam. This amazing option makes everything more comfortable. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sleeping on a foam mattress before, you really need to give it a try.

Thanks to foam inserts, it’s never been easier to revamp your furniture’s comfort level. You no longer need to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to work with your furniture in order to fill it with more subpar cushioning before paying you a hefty fee.

With inserts, just access the inside of the cushion in question, place it in and that’s all there is to it. Foam is exceedingly easy to customize so no matter what kind of shape you’re after, it’s a simple solution.


If you’re in the market for foam cushion options, whether they’re for your mattress foam, the kind you need for outdoor furniture or anything else, The Foam Factory is your number one source to shop at.

Efficiency Over Time

By The Foam Factory

                Foam, contrary to what a lot of people think, is in fact, consumable. Consumable, not in the sense that it gradually vanishes into air, rather, it means that the support that is provided by the cushion decreases over time and eventually would have lost all of its support. There are those who refuse to replace old mattresses thinking they cut down on cost by using an old mattress long after its useful life, but how much do you lose because you were cranky talking to a client, or hospital bills caused by poor health. Well, it is something that a lot would much rather learn the hard way. Then there are those who actually replace their mattresses religiously.

                Beds are easy to replace as sizes are normally standard for these- king, queen, twin, and single. But there are other applications that can be quite tricky when it comes to replacing foam. One of these applications is boat foam. Boat foam and other marine foam cushions are a bit more difficult to replace because these come in different sizes, shapes, and characteristics. Although these foams are not available off-the-shelf, there are stores who specialize in custom cut foams for a wide variety of applications. These specialty stores make replacing foams for all applications easy and accessible. It is time to realize that investing in your most valuable asset means to invest in yourself.

                Foams may seem to live forever, but like anything, it loses its efficiency to provide support over time.

The Foam Factory is a reliable supplier of foam for various applications, including but is not limited to marine, outdoor, and couch foam types.