Five ways to add a dash of colour to your home

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Adding colour to a home is a great way to give your home a fresh new look. Adding fun pillows or a rug are good ways to add colour, however if you’re on the lookout for a slightly bigger project, here are 5 such ideas.

Brighten up your bathroom – Blue is a great colour for bathrooms. If yours is white or beige add a blue laminate on to your bathroom vanity.

Add a little orange – Orange is a colour that adds warmth and brightness to a space. Add orange to your kitchen backsplash by changing the colour of the walls between your kitchen cupboards and shelving. If you have tiles instead, you can change the colour of your kitchen island.

Detailing – Contrasting colours like black and white can make a perfect modern mix. For example, you could create a feature wall with dark wall paper and place simple shelving for figurines or photo frames.

Mix your colours – Most of the time people play it safe and choose to mix only light and dark shades. Instead choose different pairing, such as orange and green or maroon and turquoise, for a unique colour pairing.

Add color to your ca
binets – Cabinets are a good way to include additional colour. You can change the colour of your bathroom cabinets or for a larger project look at adding a bright colour to your kitchen cabinets.

5 Home improvement tips that will beautify your home

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yourhomeimprovement june 2016Creating a beautiful home is an aspiration of most home owners. However, is remodeling your entire home can be costly, therefore most people delay remodelling for a long time. If you are looking at gradually remodeling your home, here are 5 areas that will help you beautify your home without breaking your budget.

Teak wood furniture – Changing your furniture to teak wood furniture, can transform your space. Many stores offer modern and traditional styles of teak furniture that will satisfy all tastes. Apart from the fact that teak furniture looks warm and inviting, the wood itself is naturally abundant in oil and rubber and is therefore long lasting.

Remodeling the doors – Changing your doors is a good way to bring instant brightness to your space. If changing your entire doors design is too costly, change the colour of your doors.

Redefine shelving – Shelving can transform a space, by making it seem larger. There are a number of stores that offer pre-made or custom made shelving in a number of designs and colours.

Redo the lighting – Even if you change your entire home and keep your lighting the same, you may not be impressed with the outcome. The right lighting can change the look of a home.

Remodeling the kitchen – Remodeling your entire kitchen can be expensive, therefore it is best to start off with making the most of the storage you currently have. Make sure that your counters are clear of any items. This will make your kitchen look more spacious and bright.