4 Ways to maximize space in every room

Space is needed in most homes as homes become smaller. Therefore maximizing space is the key to making your home feel more spacious and welcoming.  Here are 4 ways to maximize space in every room of your home.

Opening up your entryway – Your entryway will welcome your guests and see family off to school and work every day. This space should be designed to be functional and efficient for the entire family. Maximize space by adding a bench to wear and remove shoes and wall hooks to place jackets, hats, umbrellas and backpacks in one place. A large mirror is also a good idea so that you can check yourself before you leave.

Make your kitchen easy to cook in – Your kitchen is a busy space and therefore should be functional, welcoming while making food preparation easy. Make the most of your vertical space, by adding hooks that provide easy access and maximize space. Include extra shelving in your pantry to store often-used items.

Bathroom essentials – Your bathroom is the first room you enter when you wake and the last room you visit before bed. If you are sharing your bathroom, making the most of your space is essential. Baskets are a good option to store laundry, beauty appliances, and toiletries.

Public rooms – Your living and dining rooms are used by the entire family and therefore are the messiest. To keep this space tidy, use multi-functional furniture that has drawers at the bottom.