5 Solar Energy Facts

Article Submitted by Top Solar Energy Companies

So, why is solar energy important?

Probably the most important reason is because we’re running out of resources as a species (humans) when it comes to transportation and fossil fuels are anything but considered clean. While a 3 degrees Centigrade rise in temperature might not mean much, it does tell us what could happen if we don’t make a change to cleaner energy sources.


So, here are 5 facts as to why solar energy can be crucial to our survival in the future:

#1: Imagine the trouble you would avoid if a common method to tap solar energy was available to all. There would be no rise in prices, no issues with power cuts or distribution of power that remote areas often have to suffer with. Most of all, our dependency on coal, oil or gas would be limited.

#2: Thanks to a 60 % increase in production of solar cells, the only thing that stands between us and complete freedom from conventional sources of energy (read as: lesser costs) is the necessity of silicon, which is in limited supply.

#3: Countries such as Germany, Israel, the United States, Japan and Britain are all working on solar energy projects in order to tap into this easily renewable resource – especially when resources such as coal, oil and gas run out in the future.

#4: It’s been said that by 2040, 50 % of energy will come from renewable source such as solar energy, thanks to the oil companies that are involved in research. You can only imagine the positive impact this will have on the environment and our survival in the future.

#5: The cost of producing photo-voltaic cells has been dropping steadily for the past few years, and is an excellent indicator that solar energy will become affordable as the years go by.