5 things you should never do to your carpet

yourhomeimprovementMost people think that carpets are high maintenance. They are actually less maintenance than other forms of flooring but there are list of things you should avoid doing.

Do not scrub – If you have a spill on your carpet, avoid scrubbing it. When you scrub a spill it tends to unlock the fibres. This can make the spot look fuzzy, which can look worse than the stain. If you have a spill, blot the spill with a clean cloth.

Do not use non-carpet cleaner – Only attempt to use carpet spray to get rid of stains. Carpet spray will be gentle and not spread a stain. If you don’t have carpet spray, you can use a gentle diluted dishwashing liquid.

Leave the shoes at the front door- Leaving your shoes at the door will prevent dirt and soil spoiling your carpet.

Avoid dragging your furniture – When you drag your furniture you will cause ripples on your carpet. Its best to carry your furniture from one area to the next.

Do not use beater bar on Berber- Using your vacuum’s beater bar, can help to make many cut pile carpets look fuller. But if your have a looped style carpet such as Berber, a snag can get further loosened. After time this can cause your carpet to unravel.

Excessive sunlight – If your carpet sees harsh sunlight, it is best to keep your blinds closed during these times. This will prevent carpet fading.