Beautify Your Home with DIY Foam Crown Molding

Adding decorative crown molding in your home is one of the best ways to boost its attractiveness and value without an over-the-top approach that may be too bold for guests or potential buyers. Crown molding is an architectural trim that is added to the joint where the wall and ceilings meet in a room, creating an understated elegance in a space that impacts an entire room’s aesthetics and ambiance.

Created in different styles and sizes, molding makes a room feel much larger by providing a smooth transition over the static joint at the ceiling of a room. Made in different styles and sizes, molding can make a room feel much larger than it actually is by masking the static joint of a wall and transitioning to the ceiling in a much smoother fashion. Molding is made in many materials as well, from classic wooden designs, to more user-friendly materials like polyurethane crown molding. Foam molding is able to be trimmed and squeezed into place much more easily than traditional materials are, and offers a greater margin for error, compared to the precise measurements required of wooden molding.

Custom molding services make replicating pre-existing patterns in a home easy, especially if you have a few remaining pieces of the existing installation to pattern-match with. Many companies also sell pre-made kits, ensuring with these stock patterns that you can add more down the road if you so choose.

Crown molding isn’t just restricted to interior décor either. Many people add architectural designs to the exteriors of their homes as well for a regal and classic appearance. Architectural trim is often more labor intensive to install due to the heights and size of external walls, but can also make a major difference in the way your home looks, as well as the way you feel about it. Foam molding can be used outside from polystyrene, due to its water resistant characteristics and durability when sealed and painted.