Before You File a Construction Claim, Read This

Before-You-File-a-Construction-Claim-Read-ThisA construction claim can be more than just a thorn in the side for a small contractor outfit. Disputes mean manpower lost, which translates to dollar bills and contracts. If your crew is unable to work, you won’t find many new jobs and your outfit won’t last. One of the best defenses that construction contractors have is a construction claims expert to detail what you need to defend yourself. Learn from the best and follow these tips.

Document Everything

The only method you have to prove your side of the story is to show documentation of everything you’ve done. Most transactions will have an invoice associated with them, but there is other documentation (like man hours logged) that may factor into your dispute. If you do not have someone managing this claim for you, this process can get dicey. Supply too many documents and you will have wasted valuable time. Too few and you may end up on the wrong side of the law.

Seek Mediation

Construction mediation is a powerful tool. It not only keeps disputes out of the costly trial phase, it tends to preserve relationships too. Mediation is usually a fairly quick process too. That means your crew is back out on a job site regardless of the outcome of the dispute.

Hire Experts

An expert might sound like a costly proposition, but consider the alternative: without an expert you stand to lose a lot more money. Experts fill roles your crew cannot, and they plug holes and put out fires. Their job is to evaluate man power, make sure materials are delivered, double check that purchase orders include all materials needed, and handle construction claim analysis. They are basically a second set of eyes on an extremely costly project.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting specializes in commercial construction projects. Lyle Charles is certified as an expert witness in the field of construction, and can testify as a steel fabrication expert.