5 Ways to Boost Your Home Value

home improvement
Article by Robert Saroyan of Luxury Homes

Housing prices may dropped everywhere, but there are ways you can improve them by applying some low cost upgrades and fixes, specially if you are trying to sell your house.

– Paint Your Walls in Light Colors
If you walls are in darker colors, make them lighter or white. Lighter colors make the house look bigger. In addition, some people may not like the darker colors and psychologically makes your house unattarctive to them.

– Fix Any Visible Problems
Pierre Zarokian who has bought and sold several properties, states: “Try and fix any visible problems in your house, such as broken lights, broken plumbing, old paint on the walls and cabinets, broken cabinets, etc.”

– Create Space
Remove non-structural walls or kitchen island walls to create bigger space in your house.

– Improve Your Landscaping
The goal is to make your house look better at first sight. If you have dying lawn, then get a new lawn or some fertilizers to improve the condition.  Plant some exotic flowers or trees to make your garden look better. Fruit trees are always an attraction, specially if you live in an area where the weather allows them to grow.

– Upgrade your Floors
If you have old floors and carpeting, upgrade them. It does not have to be expensive, but if it looks new, it will look much more attractive.