Build Yourself a Perfect DIY Bed

With the popularity of the DIY project, you can do virtually anything yourself if you’re willing to invest the time and energy. Doing a project yourself rather than paying for the work can result in substantial savings over store-bought products, not to mention giving you the satisfaction of a job well done. One particularly simple do-it-yourself project that often gets overlooked is building a bed frame system.

For people who are in need of a new bed frame and willing to try a relatively minor construction project, there are plenty of cost-effective DIY bed options that can be tailored to your degree of skill and aesthetic preferences. The simplest of all frame styles is a platform bed. In basic terms, these are nothing more than a large, flat board with holes or slits cut for airflow, placed on a supportive base. People have built these from little more than plywood and milk crates, though they can also be incredibly ornate and include nightstands and storage as part of the structure. They are the perfect framing and support system for a DIY project because you can accomplish your goal with either plenty of skill or no previous experience at all!

For people who don’t need a new frame and only want to replace a mattress, foam gives people the ability to turn raw products into a one-of-a-kind bed tailored to their preferences. Unlike innerspring or air beds, foam mattresses are able to be custom-cut, either into a single slab, or a combination of sheets for a blended, hybrid feel you can’t produce from a single material. Filling pillows to the fullness you prefer with your favorite stuffing is another way to have a customized, DIY sleep experience. Combining a custom-built frame, custom pillow, and a custom mattress could save you hundreds of dollars over a comparable store-bought setup, while giving you individualized comfort you can’t get from cookie-cutter stores.