Comfortable and Affordable Ways to Improve Guest Room Bedding

The last thing you want for friends and family stopping by is for their visit to be marred by a terrible night’s sleep, courtesy of the bed in your guest room. However, if you’re like most people, spending money on a top-quality bed that only gets used a handful of times a year isn’t exactly practical. Luckily, there a few ways to get the most out of your existing mattresses, in an affordable way that still gives guests excellent comfort.


More often than not, a guest room mattress is there for one of two reasons. Either it’s the second-hand mattress of a grown child, or donated by a friend or relative who was clearing out a room. The other situation is that it’s a brand-new mattress you purchased for yourself, but quickly replaced due to the fact you didn’t find it to be comfortable. If either of these are true of your guest room’s mattress, you can avoid the cost of total replacement by adding a cost-efficient comfort layer. Firm mattress pads give supportive comfort to beds that are still sound structurally, but lack the comfort characteristics that make it an ideal mattress. Toppers that do this are typically made of conventional foam, memory foam, or latex foam, in various thicknesses and sizes. Occasional-use foams offer even greater savings as they don’t have the longevity of standard materials. If they’re only used a couple times a year, this issue can be greatly reduced, though. Even cotton mattress covers can add a little something to a less-than-ideal mattress.


If your home is already full, or you own a summer or vacation home, you may not have enough beds in the first place, let alone beds that are comfortable. For situations where overflow sleeping spots are needed, cots are often the solution to keep somebody off a floor or couch. Cots can be customized with foam just like a traditional mattress, either as a complete mattress or just with toppers. From memory foam to a natural cot mattress made of latex, you can give your guests a great night’s sleep, even in a pinch.