Cooling for outdoor events

Written by MovinCool

Nothing is quite as much fun as an outdoor event. Whether you have a softball league, are opening a dealership or just want to have a block part, holding it outside means you can have countless people, barbeque and generally just have a good time. Unfortunately, the weather may not always wish to cooperate. In such a situation, it pays to have a solution ready.

When the sun starts pounding down on you and your guests, temperatures can keep people from having a good time. It doesn’t have to though. Instead, something like a spot cooler can be all you need to make sure people have a cool area to keep themselves comfortable before returning to the fun.

You may have seen something similar used for a server room air conditioner. These machines are designed to keep a very isolated area nice and cool. But aside from keeping machines at the right temperature, you can also leverage them to keep your guests nice and comfortable as well. So the next time you’re planning an event for a hot day, think about applying one of these solutions to the challenge of helping people stay nice and cool.


If you run a data center, you need to take into consideration the temperatures produced by all that hardware. MovinCool can help out by supplying your company with all kinds of data center cooling supplies designed to the temperature in those rooms at a reasonable level where your machinery can perform.