Create the perfect outdoor space

Written by The Foam Factory

Do you have an outdoor patio or backyard that is unused? Do you feel like you could use another area in the house to relax or entertain? Here is a quick guide on getting started on an outdoor project:

The first step is to decide what the space will be used for. Do you want a place to relax, entertain or both? This determines the amount of work and expense that will go into the project.

Look at the surface. Will you need decking to cover the area or can you rely on the existing surface? Some people alternate between paving and decking for different parts of the yard.

Identify the furniture required. Again, this depends on the above. Entertaining guests will mean more furniture, while a relaxing area for two will mean a few chairs and a patio cushion or two.

Now decide on the aesthetic details like color and the sort of chair cushion covers you will need. Colors can add a lot to an outdoor area and it is good to experiment with brighter, louder colors.

Lastly look at how you want to protect the area. Outdoor furniture requires some protection from the sun and elements. If there is no space to move the furniture to storage during the winter months or during storms, then invest in good outdoor furniture covers.


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