Don’t Buy a New Sofa, Replace the Cushions Instead

Don’t-Buy-a-New-Sofa,-Replace-the-Cushions-InsteadWritten by: The Foam Factory

Purchasing a new sofa or a couch can be a large investment on its own. If you have an older sofa but are having trouble with it constantly sinking in and feeling limp, you might automatically believe that you need an entirely new sofa. Well, that’s not always the case. Instead of spending hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars, why not look to purchase new cushions instead?

Many times, the problem doesn’t lie in the sofa frame itself, but in the cushion filling. You can easily pinpoint where the problem is by checking the frame and the cushions. If you take off your cushions and perform a pressure test by pressing on it and seeing how far it will rise back up, you can determine whether or not they need to be replaced.

There are plenty of manufacturers that can make custom foam cushions for you. By supplying the exact measurements and specific style of comfort that you want, companies can practically create your own personalized seat cushion. Many couch owners are turning to this as they tend to last longer than standard seat cushions.

High quality foam is the number one priority for you when you begin scavenging the Internet – the higher the quality, the longer it’ll last in the long run. Be sure that you compare prices to find the best available deal on the market today. If you find a product that is priced cheaper than its competitors, take the time to look into why it is.