Easy Bedding Cleaning Tips

It has been reiterated over and over again that we need to change our sheets on a daily basis. If we were to follow this, we have to make sure that we give our bedding proper care to make it last for a very long time. Bedding comes in a variety of fabrics, branded ones such as the Nicole Miller bedding may even come in a mixture of fabrics. To ensure that your sheets are clean while avoiding straining or damaging it, we must all know the basics and tricks of cleaning them. Here are a few examples:

New sheets are prone to dye bleeding. You can prevent this by soaking your new bedding inside a large tub filled with a mixture of cold water and washing soda. Washing soda can be purchased in most grocery stores but in case you could not find one, you can substitute regular salt. Don’t we all just hate it when we see stains on our white sheets? What you can do is to spot clean before washing the whole sheet. Make a paste out of fabric bleach and cream of tartar, rub this on those stains and allow it to dry. Gently rub off the paste and wash your bedding as usual.


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