Efficiency Over Time

By The Foam Factory

                Foam, contrary to what a lot of people think, is in fact, consumable. Consumable, not in the sense that it gradually vanishes into air, rather, it means that the support that is provided by the cushion decreases over time and eventually would have lost all of its support. There are those who refuse to replace old mattresses thinking they cut down on cost by using an old mattress long after its useful life, but how much do you lose because you were cranky talking to a client, or hospital bills caused by poor health. Well, it is something that a lot would much rather learn the hard way. Then there are those who actually replace their mattresses religiously.

                Beds are easy to replace as sizes are normally standard for these- king, queen, twin, and single. But there are other applications that can be quite tricky when it comes to replacing foam. One of these applications is boat foam. Boat foam and other marine foam cushions are a bit more difficult to replace because these come in different sizes, shapes, and characteristics. Although these foams are not available off-the-shelf, there are stores who specialize in custom cut foams for a wide variety of applications. These specialty stores make replacing foams for all applications easy and accessible. It is time to realize that investing in your most valuable asset means to invest in yourself.

                Foams may seem to live forever, but like anything, it loses its efficiency to provide support over time.

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