Get Rid of Discomfort by Replacing Your RV Cushions

RV CushionsThe camper cushions in your RV may not be as high quality as you make them out to be. A number of RV manufacturers tend to pay less attention to the foam inside the seats, which in turn doesn’t bode very well for the passenger that’s relying on it for support. If you can’t sit still on your cushion for longer than five minutes before you start fidgeting around due to discomfort, then it’s time that you make a change.

Determine What Type of Seats You Have

One of the most common seating styles on an RV is the booth style. With looks similar to a round dinette table, they are easy to spot. Some of these units also double as RV bedding, and if so, the cushions inside are fairly easy to change.

Another type is your standard single-seater. Most of these have a zipper attached to them and can easily be changed out.

Changing Your Cushions

Changing your RV cushions is a breeze if you have everything that you need. Most camper seats will have some way to get to the foam, like a zipper or a button for example. Once you’ve opened up your seat, you’ll find that your manufacturer will probably have Dacron wrap around the preexisting foam. Since you’re replacing everything, just take it off and throw it away.

Place a new block of correctly measured foam into the empty slot and wrap some new batting around it. Normally, you’ll be able to find batting pretty much everywhere; this is just to give it an extra level of comfort. After the wrapped foam is placed inside the seat, zip it back up, and test it out for lumps or irregularities in the smoothness. You’ve now successfully replaced your cushions and are ready for those high-mileage road trips without worrying about any more back pains.