Health and Comfort Uses for Foam Body Wedges

Body wedges offer a range of benefits many aren’t even aware of until they have the opportunity to use one. Most of us think we’re doing just fine until adding a body or seat wedge to our routines. At that point, we realize how much comfort we’ve been missing out on.

Foam body wedges are manufactured in all shapes and sizes and are practical for virtually any use. One of their most popular is its application as booster pillows in lieu of stuffing lumpy blankets or flat pillows under your body for an incline in bed. Body wedges are also helpful for the lower body when placed under the legs or knees to provide a lower-body boost for your furniture and bed. Placed under the back, wedges can prop you up for a comfortable viewing angle for watching TV, reading, or just improving circulation and making beds more comfortable. They’re even able to adjust the angle you can perform exercises at during a workout.

Smaller pitched wedges can be implemented as seating cushions for comfort, pressure relief, and help with spinal alignment. Adding a wedge seat to your office chair or car seat can assist you in sitting with a straighter posture, helping to cut down on tension and discomfort in your back, neck and shoulders.

Being made from foam, body wedges can be purchased in any number of material types, from the softest comfort foam to the firmest support variety. Coverings for wedges are also very customizable, whether you want a plush fabric or a durable vinyl for easily cleaned exercise products. No matter your intended use, a body wedge can give you comfort in practically every area of your life.