How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger

How-to-Make-a-Small-Kitchen-Look-LargerThe kitchens, master bedroom and bathrooms are the prime selling points of your home outside of the curb appeal your front yard can set. Bigger kitchens are the most desirable, but not every house was built with a large kitchen in mind. Here are some tips to help make your smaller kitchen look significantly larger.

Take out a Wall

If you don’t have a load bearing wall in the kitchen, take a sledge hammer to it and you’ll create more space in the area. If you do, you can try to remove a section of a wall leading into the kitchen to make a breakfast bar area. All you need to do is extend the other side with some counter space.

Add Storage

Open shelving and storage, as well as storage with doors all help to make your kitchen look roomy by removing clutter. It’s easy to go overboard and add too many cabinets in one’s desire to have a more open space. The solution is to utilize glass-faced cabinet doors. It’s not quite as effective at removing cabinets entirely, but it gives the illusion of space.

Final Tips

Lots of people want to add islands when they should add a cutting board attached to a cart. This gives you more mobility, extra counter space, and keeps the kitchen from looking cluttered. Scale is very important in a small kitchen, where an oversized microwave or coffee machine can look dramatically out of place.

Bio: As CEO of Realty ONE Group, Kuba Jewgieniew has unique perspective on what makes a home ready to sell.