How to Properly Care for Your Outdoor Cushions

Your outdoor cushions should be maintained to prolong its overall life.

outdoor-cushion-cleaningWhen it comes to patio furniture, remember that the outdoor foam that you select is just as important as the furniture piece itself. It’s what you and your guests are going to be sitting on when you hold your summer barbeques and gatherings.

Choose Your Covers Carefully

Not all cushion covers are made equally. It’s crucial that you choose a cover that can be used on outdoor seat backs because cheaper materials can lead to mold and mildew. Additionally, you’ll also find that they’ll fade and lose its color once it’s been exposed to the sun for a period of time.

Keep a Storage Box For Your Cushions

While it’s not mandatory to have a safe box for your cushions, it’s recommended that you find a dry place to protect them from the rain and the changing weather patterns. Doing this could prolong the life of your outdoor foam cushions and save them from looking dull and rugged. And, if your patio is the center of a party, the last thing you’ll want is for guests to sit on a mold-filled seat cushion and get grossed out.

Clean Your Cushion Covers

Most homeowners focus on making sure their indoor couch covers are clean and free of potato chip crumbs, dirt, and whatever else managed to stain it. But, your outdoor covers go through more wear and tear than you might think. If left outside, it’s exposed to whatever the weather and nature throws at it. Be sure that you clean your covers at least twice a season. This will ensure that they remain clean and free from dirt and bacteria build-up.

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