How to use home automation to boost your safety and security

yourhomeimprovementHome automation is a smart way to keep your home and loved ones safe. Here are some home automation suggestions that will increase your safety and security.

Lock (or Unlock) the Doors – Old-fashioned keys are not being replaced with touchpads, smartphones, and Bluetooth. The most recent innovation uses your smartphone to open and lock your doors. You can also send a virtual key to guests or repair people. The app also lets you know who has recently used the key and at what time.

Keep your home safe and secure – If you are away on holiday and you want your security system to give the impression that someone is home, this is the option for you. Advanced security systems will switch lights on and off at different times of the day and night.

Home off-the-shelf products – Most of these products work with many types of door and windows and alert the homeowner if they have been left open.

Watch the house – A fully automated system will offer real-time monitoring of your home and provide other details like carbon dioxide levels and fire alarm activation. Most often these systems are controlled via an app and through the Internet and therefore can be accessed via a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Keep your signal safe – Thieves are also able to hack into your smartphone devices to access your home or personal information. Therefore all home automation systems should have password protection on all devices and networks.