How to Utilize Construction Advisory Services

A consultant is someone who can solve a lot of problems, but they can be expensive and may lead you down the wrong path if you’re not sure which questions to ask. No matter how skilled a project manager is, there will always be something left unanticipated. Consultants aren’t necessary for every project but they do come in handy when you’re trying to plan arena or skyscraper production. Here are some tips on how to utilize consultants effectively.

Project Planning

One of the most effective jobs you can hire a consultant to do is assist in the planning phase. They are an excellent pair of “second eyes.” They help project managers look for better technology, better construction methods and other techniques that can increase efficiency. Ideally, the cost of hiring a consultant should be mostly made up by the savings the consultant brings to your project, so be sure you have some specifics in mind for where you think you might need help.

Claims Management

A construction claims consultant is well-versed in the process of filing disputes. He or she is not a legal professional, but they are familiar with laws and may also be a licensed expert witness. Preparing claims can eat up a ton of time, which is detrimental to smaller organizations. The trouble is that lawsuits are a fact of construction life. The solution is to hire a claims consultant to handle the heavy lifting and prepare you for mediation or trial.

Hiring a consultant can be effective, but it’s most useful in specific situations where the consultant’s expertise is of direct benefit to you.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting is a firm that manages construction and turnaround services for commercial projects. Lyle Charles is an expert in arena and skyscraper construction projects.