Keep Kids Safe with Foam Pad Floor Mats

No matter how attentive parents are, it’s inevitable that at some point, a child will take a tumble. Most people recognize this as a fact of life, and for parents who are rational enough to understand that they can’t hold their child’s every second of the day, there are precautions that can be taken to help minimize the severity of accidents as a child grows.

One of the best ways to guard a child from an accidental injury is a foam mat. Made of closed-cell foam, play mats are rigid enough to offer firm and stable surfaces for crawling or walking, while still possessing enough yield and cushioning to protect a child if they do fall or stumble. Floor padding foam is incredibly versatile and can be found in thin sheets that are easily rolled up and put away when not in use. They are also made as interlocking tiles that can be built into a custom-size area that is easily taken apart and stored. Foam flooring is almost exclusively made of water-resistant foam, and is occasionally covered with hard-to-stain fabric. This makes upkeep of these materials incredibly easy. Most water-based inks can even be washed off these closed-cell foam mats. This also lends them to quick and easy sanitizing -always important, but vital during cold or flu season.

In homes dominated by hardwood flooring, foam pads are an excellent way to keep kids safe without having to permanently mask the aesthetics you enjoy. Areas can be padded for play, and then rolled back up and put away, returning a room to the way it was previously. If you’re looking for a way to let a child grow and learn independently while still doing your best to keep them safe, firm but cushioning closed-cell foam floor mats are a smart addition to your home.