Luxurious and Affordable Guest Bedroom Sleep Options

When friends and out of town relatives come to visit for the holidays or a vacation, the last thing you want is for their trip to be ruined by their bed. But at the same time, unless you have money to burn, stocking guest bedrooms with top of the line mattresses doesn’t always make sense when they’re only used four or five times a year. Fortunately, there are a few affordable ways to spoil your guests with a comfortable bed.

The mattress cushion in the guest room is generally in there for one of two reasons: it’s the old mattress of a child or roommate who moved away, or it’s a new mattress that was quickly found to be too uncomfortable and replaced. If either of these situations are true, you can save yourself the cost of buying another new, rarely-used bed by adding a comfort layer. A bed mattress topper can add comfort and support to structurally sound mattresses that may lack the comfort qualities of a better bed. These are made in conventional foams, memory foam, and latex foam in many sizes and thicknesses. Some stores offer occasional-use foam that isn’t as durable as other materials but is perfect for use by guests a few times a year without having to spend much at all.

If you already have a full house or own a summer or vacation home, you may not even have enough beds for everybody, comfortable or not. For another level of temporary-use bedding, cots are great ideas that keep people off the floor, while being storable and maximizing space. These can offer a surprisingly refreshing sleep experience as well, with customization just as wide as normal bedding. From memory foam to a natural cot mattress made of latex or fibers, you can have a great night’s sleep even in a pinch.