Mini-House Make-Over: Garage Doors

If you’re one of the lucky people to own a home with a garage door, then you know that it can add immense character (good or bad) to your home. So, if you’re looking for a easy way to update or remodel your home, a new garage door is the perfect solution. And, with advancements made in the manufacturing of garage doors, it’s a perfect ‘green’ solution, that can save you on your heating and cooling bill throughout the year.

What To Consider
When purchasing a new garage door, you’ll first want to consider the style of door you prefer. Some like the roll-up style, others prefer a barn door style opening. Once you have the orientation selected, you can proceed to selecting the material of the door.

Wood Doors
Wooden or wood-like garage door materials are easy to paint and have incredible durability.
ETO Doors carries a wide selection of wood garage doors to fit your needs. One of our favorites is the El Moderno, see

Glass/Aluminum Doors
Keen for a modern look? Aluminum doors offer modernity in a way most wooden doors cannot. Aluminum doors are a great way to update your home’s classic aesthetic to a more contemporary vibe without removing the inherent warmth in your home. And if you’re concerned that your wood home will clash with the aluminum, here’s how beautiful the combination can be:

Garage Door Safety
It’s important to think about the safety of your children or pets. While most garage door openers include a crush-prevention mechanisms, never leave young children unattended when the garage door is opening or closing.

Selecting your garage door is a big decision, and we only covered some of the big topics in this article, so if you have other questions, or you’d like to see more options, check out or call 888-DOORS-ETO for more information on ETO Doors Garage Door Selection.