No to Dust!

By Amaidzing

                We live in a dirty world these days. In an age full of heavy machinery, automobiles, large factories, and coal as prime energy source. Pollution is rampant in today’s society and along with it comes dust. Dust is normal by most standards as most can’t really prevent it from falling on surfaces. After industrialization, dust just naturally forms because of tiny particulate matter in the air. In an area where there is not much pollution like the country side, a little dust is fine. But in major cities, dust can lead to a lot of respiratory infections. Dust is also an allergen that can trigger you or your child’s allergies. This can lead to a series of disruptive sneezing that can cause a child’s discomfort. There are always anti-histamines and medicines for that, but wouldn’t i be nice if you could prevent allergies from acting up in the first place?

                This is when a good maid service malibu is needed to give your home a good cleaning from top to bottom. House cleaning santa monica can be start of a healthy respiratory system away from dust! A good cleaning service is also a good way to prevent build ups of dust mites. Dust mites thrive off of organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin. If not cleaned up, these dust mites can thrive and cause allergies and asthma. A maid service malibu can help and ensure your house’s cleanliness and keep those dust mites out for good!

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