NYC Feature: Garage Doors in the City

It’s found in double and triple quantities throughout the United States, but there is a small place on the east coast where the garage door is a rarity: New York City.

In Manhattan, most people eschew the daily commute in a car for the convenience of the subway or as it’s frequently called, the ‘train’.  But this doesn’t mean that New Yorkers don’t own cars, in fact, most do not, but there remains a portion of the population that fill their cars on the streets both day and night.  Most are transplants from other areas of New York State, or the U.S.

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A quick observation on the streets indicate residents from Washington State, Massachusetts, Oregon, and even California who chose to retain their vehicles whilst living in the city.  A quick trip over the river gives a slightly different experience; both Brooklyn and Queens boast higher car usage, namely because the streets in these Boroughs are far less congested than the island of Manhattan.

But regardless of the location, the garage door remains in quasi-unicorn status.

The garages that are in the five boroughs look substantially smaller than those found in the Midwest or west coast.  Usually holding one (small) car tightly, with nary a space for additional storage.  Also common with the City garage doors: they have an actual paint color.  While many homes throughout the United States choose a wood stain for their garage door, the garage doors seen in New York City have natural colors such as slate grey and black.  Both roll-up and double door styles can be seen, but what has yet to be seen is a garage door large enough for the family SUV or pickup.  We’re guessing you’ll have to go to Jersey for those.


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