Portable vs. Non-Portable Air Conditioners

By MovinCool

When it comes to keeping cool this summer, your best bet is always going to be air conditioning. Most people understand this, but not everyone agrees on the best method to choose. Keeping cool these days can mean relying on a permanent or portable air conditioning system. Choosing which one makes all the difference, but will depend on a few important factors.

The main one will be the size of your home. For larger ones, you probably want a non-portable unit. A HVAC unit is generally going to handle larger homes better, although you have a number of options to choose from in this regard.

Smaller homes can probably get by with a smaller, portable air conditioner. These often come with dehumidification systems that will help adjust the climate in your home too in order to make living more comfortable.

Sometimes portable units are still the right choice, even if you have a large home, if you simply have less space that needs to be covered. Perhaps you live alone and just need one room cooled at a time. In these situations, a portable unit will save you money and offer greater overall efficiency.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you only have one choice for a cooler home this summer.


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