Soften the Seats at Sporting Events

If you’ve ever attended a sporting event, whether it was your daughter’s first softball game or the seventh game of the World Series, you’re quite aware that stadium and ballpark seating offers little in the way of comfort. When the goal of team owners is to pack as many fans as humanly possible into a park, compromises in comfort for the sake of increased attendance numbers and concession sales are obvious. One way to make outdoor furniture more comfortable, whether it’s bleachers or molded, folding seats, is to plop down a rubber cushion for a stadium seating pad.


Given the way most sports stadiums are built, it’s rare to find yourself in a comfortable seat. The metal bleachers at football stadiums and the molded plastic seats at baseball parks are some of the most rigid surfaces you could find. Combine that with the close proximity of those seats to pack in as many people as possible, and you get hard seats with virtually no personal space. With all this going on, it’s surprising anybody is able to pay attention to what’s happening on the field.


But in parks, rinks, and stadiums that permit them, foam seat pads can relieve pressure and allow you to enjoy the game you came to see. Foam pads cushion hard surfaces, minimizing the impact of pressure points, aiding in circulation. Hard surfaces cause pressure problems, which leads to much of the discomfort in stadium seating. Much like a pad that cushions outdoor furniture, the best stadium seating cushions are the most versatile and resilient, able to be easily washed and resistant to moisture. Some high-end seat pads also add a seat back for even more support. Best of all, many foam pads are sold in team colors or adorned with logos, so you can cheer in comfort!