Store Design 101

Finding success in retail takes more than just luck and a basic understanding of business concepts. It also requires good store layout design as well as beautiful finish and furnishing in order to become popular with customers.

Store layout actually plays a huge part in retail space success. It is safe to say that the foundation of a successful boutique, grocery or any retail space for that matter is good store design. No wonder then that multi-billion dollar corporations like Walmart and Cosco actually spend millions of dollars on researching the best store layouts. Fear not though if you are a small retailer who can’t just drop millions on store design. You just need to know the principles and go from there. The basic idea is that the more essential or in demand an item is the further inside the store it needs to be placed. In placing high demand items far inside, you give customers the opportunity to browse through your other offerings that can be impulse buys.

Another important thing in store design is making sure that you have good store fixtures. A good idea is to have a classy looking slatwallfor your impulse buy displays. A slatwall is a wall fixture where there are crevices to slot in shelves, hooks and the likes. This is good store design because a slatwallis very versatile and if designed properly; will also help draw in the attention of customers for impulse buys.

                This article was submitted by Display Warehouse; a professional provider of high quality store fixtures; like a brochure display holderfor example.