The Benefits of Glass Fencing

There are a number of features you can add to your pool area to make it both safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Glass swimming pool fencing is one of these. These fences come in a variety of colors and are powder coated to prevent corrosion. They can be deck mounted or core drilled into concrete, and they are virtually maintenance free, aside from regular cleanings. In addition to their safety benefits, glass swimming pool fences help to keep out noise and wind while simultaneously allowing light into the pool area—something that no other type of fence can do.

A frameless glass pool fence can add a touch of modernism and sophistication to your pool area. Most are spigot mounted; the types of spigots available include anodized aluminum, aluminum nickel coated, stainless steel, and standard curved. Cleaning is easy; simply wash the glass with a soft brush and a mild detergent and then rinse. Be sure that you aren’t using harmful or abrasive solvents, as these can damage the powder coating, leaving the glass open to corrosion.

Frameless fencing works for other areas too, not just pool areas. In most cases it comes with a 7-year warranty. The glass is pinned and measures in at 12 mm. The spigots, composed of structural marine grade stainless steel, allows water to flow underneath the glass so that dirt and leaves aren’t trapped at the edge. There is no additional site preparation required, and best of all—it is maintenance free.