The Effectiveness of Turnaround Specialists

The-Effectiveness-of-Turnaround-SpecialistsWhen small businesses or companies face extreme challenges that are all pointing to bankruptcy, they hire a turnaround specialist to help them gain enough ground to net positive returns. This is the same for construction & turnaround services. Management teams on a construction site have to deal with the laborious task of handling contractual obligations, keeping all of the workers in line, and juggling finances all at the same time. If one aspect of the construction project doesn’t function in line with the rest of the project, the risk of a clam being brought up increases significantly.

Tying Up Loose Ends

A turnaround specialist is known to take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to a construction site. If a project is going to be completed on time, the current management team needs to be qualified and able to perform their duties accurately and efficiently. If someone on the team isn’t contributing or is just simply not effective at performing his duty, the turnaround specialist will suggest a replacement in favor of someone that will take bigger strides.


If a claim arises between the owner and contractor, it can turn into an all-out legal battle that can consume finances quickly. A structural steel expert or a steel fabrication expert is often hired to verify facts based on their knowledge of the field. The specialist will usually refer you to whomever he believes is best suited for the situation.

Also, there is the voluntary process of construction mediation where both parties will avoid the court and utilize the negotiating tactics of a mediator to come to a quick and painless conclusion to the claim.

Bio: In addition to serving as a construction consultant and expert witness, Lyle Charles is a trained arbitrator/mediator who has participated in many successful million-dollar dispute resolutions during his long tenure in the industry.