Tips for Prolonging the Life of Rattan Furniture

When someone is looking for a beautiful kind of furniture for their home, they often will turn to rattan furniture.  They know that they are going to find some really beautiful furniture that can last a long time. Here are some tips for helping furniture to last a long time.

Rotate your furniture – The natural fibers are going to fade when they are sitting in sunlight that’s strong. That’s a process that is really natural and it won’t be bad.  But if you can you should rotate your furniture in the area regularly so that you are distributing this fading evenly.  It’s also a good idea to install awnings or blinds to reduce the extreme exposure to the sun.

Humidity – Keep your furniture away from the areas that are really warm since this may overly dry or warp your furniture.   Natural fibers from plants need some humidity so that they aren’t going to become really dry so that they split.  If you live in an area that’s really dry, put some moisture into the air using a humidifier.

Oil your furniture – If you notice that your furniture is splitting because of your furniture being dry, treat the cane or rattan using boiled linseed or tung oil, and then raising the area’s humidity level.

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