Tips on Purchasing Artificial Grass for Your Home

Are you in the market for artificial grass for your home? Synthetic turf is a popular alternative to natural grass lawns and landscaping projects, especially if you live in areas common to drought such as California, Arizona, or Utah. Not sure what kind of turf to buy? Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division offers the following tips on how to buy artificial grass for your home.

Say yes to high-traffic turf. Fake grass comes in various traffic levels, from low to high. If you plan to design a lawn, chances are it will be used often. Children and pets love to play on lawns and family and friends enjoy it too. You might even have some outdoor furniture and a barbeque on the grass. If the synthetic lawn you plan to install will be used often, make sure to purchase high-traffic synthetic turf.

Go for more than one hue. Although many people want emerald-green lawns, real grass comes in various hues and textures. To ensure that your synthetic lawn looks realistic and beautiful, find a model that features a mix of various hues such as lawn green, spring green, and brown.

Know when to purchase infill. Some applications of fake grass require infill, or the material placed in between the blades of grass. Infill helps the blades stand up better and look like real grass. If you plan to install an artificial grass lawn, you will need infill. Skip the sand infill (that is reserved for dog runs and backyard play structures) and go for crumb rubber infill.