Tips to Make Your Manufacturing Plant a Safer Space

Managing the safety of the workers and staff in a manufacturing plant requires excellent attention to detail, and a team orientated attitude. Everyone should know the safety procedures, and be prepared to react in the event of an emergency. Putting those safety procedures into action, and enforcing policies that keep the plant safe should be an important step for management. Workplace safety lowers workers compensation claims, keeps staff productive, and maintains the operational efficiency of machinery.

Follow OSHA Guidelines

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the job of this government entity is to create and enforce safety standards for the work place. Starting with the OSHA website, there is a wealth of safety information and business tips that employers can download. OSHA provides specific advice on concepts like how to use portable ladders, how to properly utilize industrial equipment and how to drive forklifts. Manufacturing plants must adhere to OSHA regulations, as they are under the jurisdiction of that organization.

Analyze Concerns

OSHA guidelines are meant as a broad interpretation of what plants need to stay safe. They don’t cover individual circumstances. For instance, a metal manufacturer might use industrial air conditioning to maintain the temperatures near a furnace. This is for employee health and workplace safety. That’s why it’s important for management and staff to analyze potential risks and craft a plan for dealing with them.

Enforce Rules

You must also take your plans a step further and enforce them. A hard hat area is no good if no one respects the rules, and it only takes a moment to have a harmful accident on your hands. A designated member of your staff should be in charge of enforcing safety rules and handing out infractions for people who refuse to follow the guidelines. Just be sure that you provide employees with a printed copy of the guidelines so that everyone can get the same information.

Review Guidelines

Each manufacturing plant will be different, and may require updates depending on the equipment you use. Be sure that management routinely walks the plant, checklist in hand, to assess new security risks. Meetings with employees can also help pinpoint potential dangers, or provide an outlet to air concerns. Management may not know that employees on an assembly line are overheating unless they ask them. Using portable ac units may alleviate the issue without costly additions to the plant ventilation system. These kinds of assessments require your staff to remain attentive while working with hazards.
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