Trends in interior design

Written by eBergen County Homes

Several trends have emerged in 2014 and have affected the way we decorate our homes. Some of them are inspiring, while others could leave you skeptical. You might want to go through the list below and decide for yourself.

The Bejeweled kitchen

The bejeweled kitchen, as its name suggests implies decorating your kitchen to make it worthy of the wealthiest of sultans. This involves using colors such as gold or copper and placing jeweled objects such as semi-precious stones or golden pots.

Honey-toned furniture

While the trend might have been going for darker colored wood in the past years, honey-toned furniture is back. These light-colored furniture provide a soothing tone to a room and are made out of woods such as oak or walnut.

Turquoise color

Turquoise is a special color. It might represent the sea and tropical holidays in the mind of a lot of people. This year turquoise has been around a lot in design as wall or furniture colors. This color surely uplifts in even the gloomiest of days.

Blending in with nature

Blending in with nature requires creativity in the home design as it involves adding “raw” elements from the nature such as stone made out of a wood bark.

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