Two Reasons to Cut Your Own foam Cushions

foam CushionsWritten by: The Foam Factory

If you’ve ever tried to order a custom cushion from a brand name retailer online, you know how much hassle you have to go through. There is a ton of price comparison to do, and that’s not counting anyone concerned with their health or the appearance of their house. Finding a cushion online is easy, finding the cushion you want is difficult and often quite expensive.

Whether you want to replace a patio cushion for your outdoor chaise, or the saggy couch cushions in your living room, here are three reasons why you should do it yourself instead of paying the premium.


A foam replacement is a lot more affordable than buying a brand name cushion. Often, you’re paying for the work it took to make the cushion (which wasn’t much in the mass produced setting). That nebulous pricing can add up quickly, especially if you’re one of the thousands pursuing a remodel each year. Ordering a foam sheet is far more cost effective, and you can shop around for a foam manufacturer that will custom-cut your order to size.


When you order cushions from brand names, you get only the styles they think will sell. Sometimes, these styles are meant to be part of a set. That means you’ll spend potentially thousands trying to coordinate your home and probably end up with something you don’t want anyway. If you do it yourself, you can choose the fabrics you want to use and color coordinate as you see fit.

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