What You Need to Know About The Types of Fertilizers

If you think that your pets and plants need attention, there’s no doubt that your lawn needs a bit of TLC too. One of the best ways by which you can do this is by fertilizing your lawn.

Apart from this, experts are sure that if you do carry out this simple task, it carries more benefits than you can imagine. Some of these benefits include better resistance against pests and weed, optimal grass growth as well as helping recovery from foot traffic.

Yet the best reason for fertilization of your lawn is because all the nutrients that the soil offers will deteriorate over time.

As for the types of fertilizers, there are three: liquid, granular or weed and feed fertilizer. For the first type, they can be applied every two or three weeks after being mixed with water.

The best part of using liquid fertilizer is that they are easily absorbed by the lawn. Granular fertilizers are divided into two sub-divisions: quick or slow release. However, the major advantage with this is that the property owner has a greater degree of control over how much fertilizer can be used for the lawn.

Another distinction between the two sub-types is that the quick release type lasts between two to three weeks while the slow release version lasts for a little more longer. Before making your selection between the two, make sure you take into account how much water the lawn receives apart from rainfall.

As for the weed and feed fertilizer, it works as both a weed killer and a fertilizer, and which can be used as pre-emergents and post-emergents that are used before or after the weeds grow.

That said, if you are eco-conscious, there are organic equivalents to all the types of weeds mentioned above.