3 Tips to Consider when Installing a Ceramic Tile Floor

Among the several advantages that come with installing ceramic tiles, the fact that they are far more durable than most other alternatives for flooring stands out.

Other benefits include being easy to clean, moisture and fire resistant while also retaining their color for a long time. However, there are certain tips that one must keep in mind when installing these tiles, and here are 3 important ones to consider.

#1: Take your time when installing the tiles

Always work in a small area so as to get everything thing right before moving to the next one. Don’t rush the job because you’ll have to go over the area again, if it’s not done right. In fact, taking your time is clearly what contributes greatly to a tile job that is well done.

#2: Don’t trowel grout in a straight line

There are two types of grout: wall and floor grout with the latter having sand as one of its materials. Therefore, it’s advisable not to trowel grout in a straight line but to check for whether the grout is the right consistency and then go about troweling it in a diagonal manner so as to apply it evenly.

#3: Don’t Rush the Cure

Rushing the cure is another no-no. Even if all the tiles are set, it’s not yet time to put the grout down. Give the thin-set the appropriate amount of time to dry or else there’s every possibility for the tiling job to be damaged completely.