5 Ideas for hanging art

yourhomeimprovement-novPlacing pictures or paintings on your wall correctly is a balance between spacing, color, and proportion. The way pictures or artwork is placed will transform the space as well as the feeling the picture or artwork gives off to the viewer. Here are a few 5 ideas for hanging art.

Avoid hanging your art too high on a wall. This will make it difficult for viewers to view your entire piece. Instead look at hanging your art 155cm- 160cm from the ground.

To maintain balance and proportions don’t leave space under your pictures or artwork unless it will be filled. For example, if you hang a painting above a fireplace, avoid leaving space underneath unless you have a clock or an ornament that will be placed on

When hanging patterned artwork, place your pieces on the ground before arranging them on your wall. This will give you a good idea on how to plan your space before fixing them on the wall.

Avoid hanging pictures from one point, as this leaves the picture unstable and it can be easily moved or shifted out of alignment. Look at hanging pictures at two points on either side of the frame.

Leveling your pictures is important. Therefore invest in a spirit level to gauge your alignment. It is also important to use your eye to gauge alignment as other elements like rails, ceilings and pillars may not be leveled themselves.