5 Snap-On Tools for the Home

Snap-On is a professional-grade tool manufacturer. Founded in 1920, the company has designed implements for the military, the government, agriculture, and construction companies across the United States. They also have a number of consumer-grade tools, based on these industrial design principles. Tools like the Snap-On generator are great for the home, fitting a variety of circumstances with just a few small adjustments.

Air Compressor

Your air compressor should be able to plug directly into the wall, leaving just a hose and a nozzle to complete the setup. Air compressors are great for clearing debris from a tool bench, but they help with more practical tasks too. Got a flat bicycle tire? You can inflate it with an air compressor. You can even attach paint spray nozzles to make painting a room simple and fast.

Pressure Washer

A Snap-On pressure washer is perfect for some of the hard to clean spots around the house. You can pressure wash your driveway to remove stains from long ago, or you can pressure wash your home to remove caked on debris. It’s important that you carefully adjust the pressure coming from the hose, as you may damage the surface you’re washing if the pressure is too high.

Box Cutters

Box cutters can be used for more than just breaking down cardboard. You can use box cutters on drywall to make precision incisions. You can use it to finish cutting the moulding for your wall, or to clean a jagged edge off of something with a small blade. They are handy tools to have, and light enough to where you can keep it on your person. Box cutters are also handy for opening packaging, which is often made of heavy-duty material that prevents tampering.


Snap-On also makes a variety of handheld and freestanding lights. Whether you’re working on your car, between the walls of your home, or beneath the floorboards, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing with high powered flash lights.

Tool Bags

You also need a place to store your tools, which is why you might want to invest in a Snap-On tool bag. It comes with several pockets fit to hold anything you need, from combo wrenches to screw driver sets. The flaps make it easy to organize your tools by task, and there is plenty of storage space outside the pockets so you can easily reach for your tools without opening your bag every few minutes.