5 Tips to Consider When Carrying Out Small Metal Roof Repairs

Despite the fact that metal roofs are considered to be durable, repairs are necessary even if they occur rarely.

Before you get to work on the metal roof, find out if the warranty will cover some of the costs and then proceed. Also, if this is the first time you are carrying out such repairs, check with a metal roofing specialist before you go about fixing it yourself.

If the metal roof repair is a small one, then here are 5 tips to consider when carrying repairs:

#1: The first thing you must do is look for loose nails. Ensure that you pull and re-nail them.

#2: Next, look for signs of deterioration such as rust patches or holes among others. In the case of rust, here’s what you should do: remove it using steel wool or a wire brush. Using a metal primer, prime the surface and then add a top coat that matches the color of the roof.

#3: Leaks are also another common problem with metal roofs and here’s how you can seal them up. Instead of using common asphalt or plastic roof cement, use urethane roof cement that will protect the roof better than ultraviolet rays by spreading it with a putty knife. Another way by which you can do this is by using a self-stick waterproof flashing membrane.

#4: Another thing that might help is resealing the edges and seams along the flashing using urethane roofing cement.

#5: Last but not the least, if the flashing is damaged beyond your ability to repair, it’s best to call a metal roofing repair specialist.