Alternative Furniture Choices

Not every person is satisfied with traditional home furniture furnishings like rigid chairs and heavy, stationary couches. For people who want a little more flexibility in their homes, there are plenty of alternative furniture products available to outfit a home the way you want.

One of the most recognizable classics in alternative furniture is the bean bag chair, even though a lot has changed since these products first became popular in the 60s and 70s. The little white beads used for filling are now often substituted for more luxurious and plush open-cell foam that offers more longevity and resilience. There is more variety in open-cell foam too, as you can get a variety or density that meets your needs. You can even have a memory foam bean bag. The supreme comfort and usability of bean bag chairs make them a top option in alternative furniture.

Similar in principle to bean bag chairs are floor pillows, being stuffed full of soft cushioning material. They are usually lower profile products though, more like an oversize pillow than the round, taller bean bags. These are perfect for people who like to spread out on the floor, re-arrange seating constantly, or want easily stored guest seating for visitors.

For their utility, futons are another staple in the world of alternative furniture. Able to be used as a couch futon during the day for seating and a bed futon at night for sleeping, you can optimize space and make a quick transition from one setup to another. If you want to go in a different direction with your home furnishings, these are just a few ways you can customize your space.