An Essential Checklist For Industrial Fires Or Explosions

SS_14_0415PH_pic1_firesIndustrial facilities are always at risk of producing fires and explosions, as evidenced by the numerous ones that you’ve heard and seen on the news. These disasters can result in an entire plant going down in flames, hopefully without any injuries or casualties. But, if there were one to occur, there should be several protocols in place that will help speed up the recovery process and minimize the risk of construction delay claims and disputes.

Follow Up With Your Injured Workers

Following an explosion or a fire, there are many critical items that need to be considered. The first priority is the health of your workers. Were they hurt? How many fatalities were there, if any? Typically, governmental and industry agencies will open an investigation following a large incident. This gives the owner time to facilitate the rebuilding process and plan ahead.

Plan Ahead

In addition, these facilities will be decommissioned for a period of time. It’s important that all unaffected systems be preserved by following necessary procedures. Failure to do so could cause further damage and require more repairs to be made.

Assess Damages

Following the fire, the owner needs to perform a damage assessment to determine what is needed to begin the rebuilding process. This includes following up with the plant’s insurance carrier to ensure a quick and full recovery.

If a claim were to arise, the owner has several options on where he wants to go. Construction mediation is one of the most beneficial solutions, as most cases are settled relatively quickly and allow for the owner to continue performing damage control.

Bio: Lyle Charles is the President of Lyle Charles Consulting. Lyle is a structural steel expert, seasoned executive, business coach, and mediator.